“There are more and more women working in the mining industry.”

“There are more and more women working in the mining industry.”

Uriboro is also the Vice President of WIM (Women in Mining in Argentina). “It’s another source of pride, it’s an organization that works hard in Argentina to include women in mining. We work with women miners as well as with local communities. The work is focused on inclusion, but we also do other actions to learn about the community and needs in areas close to mining projects.

Every time I see the role of women more involved in mining. In my case, I started mining as a girl, and today women are more encouraged to work,” she also highlighted the difficulties involved:In mining projects there are systems where they spend a lot of time away from family and it is often more complicated for women“.

“We are trying to work on implementing policies to help women. Tools that can equal women in industry and policies to multiply the voiceand that across the country they want to make their contribution for a more comprehensive and advanced mining,” added Oriboro.

Reviewing the roles that women play in the mining sector, she said: “They are very diverse. There are managerial jobs, but also operational. There are women who are responsible for the environmental or technical aspects. The thing that surprised me is the women who handle high-load machines. There are many women who are encouraged to train in this type of trade.

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