The world’s 50 most innovative companies are also leaders in sustainability

The world’s 50 most innovative companies are also leaders in sustainability

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in that Sixteenth report On the most innovative companies titled “Are you ready for green growth?”For the first time, I asked BCG about the importance of innovation for climate and sustainability. This study shows that although there are large companies announcing almost daily their commitments to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero, The gap between them and their actual ability to do so has become a problem.

โ€œAs sustainability advances on the boardโ€™s agenda, the importance of innovation increases proportionately. But this innovation, whether in products, processes or business models, is not an isolated function, but rather Progress depends on the same human and technological capabilities that drive success in all areas“, It is to explain Carlos BassiManaging Director and Partner of the Boston Consulting Group.

He added, “This includes cooperation, Digitizationdata usage, and Create artificial intelligencethe evolution of Necessary human skills implementing cross-functional teams and agile ways of working.โ€

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The report measures climate and sustainability innovators committed to using BCG Innovation Assessment Tool (i2i) aims for its innovative practices and platforms. Among those, 28% Have a score of 80 or higher (the ideal score for i2i is 100), which qualifies them as “prepared” Equipped with advanced innovation capabilities Developed and made. This indicates that nearly three-quarters of companies committed to climate and sustainability still need improvement and that 80% Of all companies face a steep learning curve.

On the other hand, many of the 50 most innovative companies in the 2022 list are also Pioneers of innovation in climate and sustainability. In fact, a significant number of them were among the first to adopt Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles, and to establish commitments to decarbonization. Approximately 80% (39 of them) have been ranked as the best innovators in climate and sustainability, as voted on globally by their peers.

For the second year in a row, manzana It ranks first on the list. Microsoft twice climbed to second place, Amazon Climbing from one place to another the alphabet drops three places to fourth and Tesla It retains its fifth position. Four new companies: Byte Dance (No. 45), nvidia (No. 15), Panasonic (No. 46) and Zalando (No. 25) Join the Top 50.

We also see in this year’s list a recovery in the automotive sector, such as GM (No. 42) and stronghold (#43) They are back in the top 50; Tesla (#5) and Toyota (#21) they hold their position; s Mitsubishi Standing at number 49. Moreover, this is number two in terms of percentage of companies giving C&S priority (A reflection of the industry’s commitment to electric and self-driving vehicles).

As in the last five years of the rating, there are more than half of the companies included in this year’s list North Amarica. But Asia Pacific s China still Growing areas of innovation And companies from those regions are increasing their representation, from four and three in 2018 to eight and seven in 2022, respectively.

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The largest carbon emitters prioritize climate improvement and sustainability

The report reveals that the sectors responsible for the largest emissions – durable goods (85%), automobiles (78%), utilities (77%), and oil and gas (77%) – are precisely those that are responsible for the largest emissions. Most prioritize climate and sustainability. In addition, companies that already emit a lot of gases have twenty% Low emitters are more likely to focus on the type of technical solutions needed to Great carbon removal.

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Companies that have made climate and sustainability a strategic priority focus on a number of aspects of their innovation models more than other types of innovators: they are more AmbitionAnd the Determine the areas to focus ontheir own better management Priorities and they have clear performance goals; I know too flexibility More effectively with its partners and even with its competitors.


As noted by innovative companies a Positive impact on the productivity of innovation and R&D activities. For example, is 80% Of the companies surveyed work remotely two or more days per week and 49% of climate and sustainability innovators say the productivity of their innovations and R&D has improved between 10% s fifty% Thanks to these new ways of working.

โ€œThere are no simple decarbonization methods, which most companies face in many industries Complex and unclear operationsEven for companies with strong commitments to climate and sustainability, this is why CEOs should plan and invest in technologies and solutions that enhance problem solving big rangePassy is finished.

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