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The United States ranks eighteenth best country for retirement

The United States ranks eighteenth best country for retirement

“We Are Number 18” isn’t a particularly inspiring hymn.

But that is the US’s ranking in the 2022 Global Retirement Index from Natixis, which includes 44 countries.

The index from Natixis, the wealth management company in Paris, includes several sub-indices, including health, quality of life, and physical and financial well-being at retirement.

The top 10 countries for retirement are:

1. Norway

2. Switzerland

3. Iceland

4. Ireland

5. Australia

6. New Zealand

7. Luxembourg

8. Holland

9. Denmark

10. Czech Republic

Slight drop in ranking

The US ranking dropped from 17The tenth last year but it is an improvement from 23research and development In 2012.

The slide from last year stemmed from lower scores in the sub-indices of material well-being (ranked 30) and financial well-being (ranked 11).

The lower material well-being score resulted from worse unemployment and income equality indicators. The United States has the sixth highest score for per capita income but the seventh lowest score for income equality.

As for finances, the lower score for a sub-index this year stems from lower scores on tax pressure, bank loans not interest earnings, aging dependency, and governance indicators.

Sure enough, the United States ranked 8th in non-performing bank loans and 10The tenth in interest rates. But it scored the sixth lowest score for government indebtedness.

The United States ranked 17thThe tenth In the health sub-index, unchanged from last year. Her health score improved due to a higher life expectancy score.

#1 in…something

The United States ranked first in terms of per capita health expenditures and the fourth highest level of insured health expenditures.

Of course, critics of the US health care system will question the results of all this spending. Lots of Americans are unhealthy. The United States is classified as non-sectarian at 31Street in life expectancy.

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The United States raised its score in the quality of life sub-index due to improvements in environmental factors and happiness indicators.

Despite the improved score, the United States ranked 21Street In this category, unchanged from last year.

It has the ninth lowest score for environmental factors.

The United States ranked 11thThe tenth In the sub-index of finances in retirement.


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