The UK estimates the cost of energy aid at  billion

The UK estimates the cost of energy aid at $67 billion

British Finance Minister Quasi Quarting On Friday, it estimated at 60 thousand million pounds (about 67 thousand million dollars) the cost of the government budget for six months of announced energy aid for individuals and companies.

Kwarteng, when presenting the budget to the British Parliament, declared, โ€œBased on recent prices (for energy in the markets), the total cost of the energy package for the six months of October should be around ยฃ60,000mโ€, especially for the home bills freeze. .

As part of his plan to re-launch British economyThe minister also announced the abolition of the maximum limit for bankers’ bonuses of 200% of the annual salary so far and the reduction of the maximum percentage of income tax.

“We need international banks to create jobs here… and pay taxes here in London, not in Paris, Frankfurt or New York,” he said.

As soon as she took office at the beginning of September, the new British Prime Minister, Les Trussannounced a set of measures to confront the energy crisis, including freezing household prices for two years.

The new prime minister and chancellor stressed that despite its cost, the policy would have “significant benefits” for a British economy on the verge of deflation, with inflation at around 10%, the highest in 40 years.

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