The road to high wealth leads through these ten schools

The road to high wealth leads through these ten schools

For all the parents out there: Do you want your kids to get dirty rich?

One path to great fortune is to go to a first class university. This was shown by a study conducted by the global research company Altrata.

Here is its ranking of the top 10 US universities for alumni with a net worth of at least $30 million. Altrata calls this “obscene rich” (seems to be a fair definition, right?).

1. Harvard university: 17,660, or 5%, of the world’s total ultra-rich population of 352,230.

2. Stanford University: 7972

3. University of Pennsylvania: 7517

4. Columbia University: 5,528

5. New york university: 5214

6. Northwestern University: 4,354

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 4089

8. Yale University: 3,654

9. University of Southern California: 3594

10. University of Chicago: 3588

Harvard glamor

Why is Harvard so far ahead of others? It could in part be the broad base of her academic excellence. While Stanford University is particularly known for its technology and Penn programs for its financial programs, Harvard University stands near the top in every way.

The most robust growth in the technology industry also came after 1980, giving Harvard a head start at Stanford University.

Rounding out the top 20 are:

11. University of Texas: 3,407

12- Princeton University: 173 3

13. Cornell University: 2911

14. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA): 2906

15. University of Michigan: 2881

16- University of Notre Dame: 2804 2

17. University of Virginia: 2568

18. Georgetown University: 2505

19. Boston University: 2,310

20. University of Miami in Ohio: 2,285

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Four foreign universities rank in the top twenty, with

The University of Cambridge (UK) ranked seventh behind Northwestern with a score of 4,149,

National University of Singapore ranked 10The tenth Behind Yale University with 3,653

University of Oxford (UK) ranked 14The tenth behind Texas with 3,356, and

INSEAD (France) gets 20 pointsThe tenth Behind Notre Dame.

So Virginia, Georgetown, Boston University, and the University of Miami will be removed from the list of top 20 students globally.

It obviously doesn’t hurt to go to an Ivy League if you want to shower with wealth. Harvard, Pennsylvania, Columbia Yale, Princeton and Cornell are in the Ivy League of course.

The only Ivy schools missing from the list are Dartmouth College and Brown University, which score lower than some of the schools on the list.

Rich Schools

In the Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans as of last year, here are the universities the top eight attended.

1. Jeff BezosAmazon founded (net worth: $147 billion as of September 16, 2022). The school: Princeton University.

2. Elon MuskCEO of Tesla ($272 billion). The school: University of Pennsylvania.

3. Mark ZuckerbergCo-founder of Facebook ($53 billion). School: leave it Harvard university.

4. Bill GatesCo-founder of Microsoft ($104 billion). School: also dropped out of Harvard.

5. i see pageCo-founder of Google ($89 billion). Schools: University of Michigan (collective), Stanford University (graduate school).

6. Sergey BrinCo-founder of Google ($85 billion). Schools: University of Maryland (collective), stanford (graduate school).

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7. Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle ($96 billion). Schools: University of Illinois And the University of Chicago (Undergraduate – drop out).

8. Warren BuffettCEO of Berkshire Hathaway ($96 billion). Schools: University of Pennsylvania And the University of Nebraska (collective), Columbia University (graduate school).

Therefore, two of the five richest Americans – Gates and Zuckerberg – dropped out of Harvard and to this moment remain the two richest people who have ever gone there. And as an added bonus, they didn’t have to deal with the same amount of student loan debt.

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