The rise in aluminum boosts Aludium’s turnover to 200 million in Alicante

The rise in aluminum boosts Aludium’s turnover to 200 million in Alicante

While the majority of companies no longer know what to do to deal with the increase in costs that the rising price of raw materialsthe rise experienced by the aluminum going to shoot so much billingLike the Benefits of the plant that the multinational aluminum has in Alicante. In this way, if last year the Agua Amarga facilities contributed around 150 of the 560 million revenues that the company recorded in Spain -the firm has another factory in the south of France-, for this year the forecasts suggest that will be exceeded €200 million.

Figures that, together with those of the rest of the multinational’s factories, will allow the ebitda of the group also increased, from the 35 millions of the last financial year, up to about 50 million. And that despite the fact that the firm has already begun to detect that uncertainty is beginning to take its toll on its clients.

This was stated this Thursday by the director of Aludium in Alicante, Joseph Ignatius Johnduring the event that the company has organized to celebrate the start-up of the new laminator L2 of the factory, which has replaced the one it burned in the fire recorded in April 2021. An event that could have jeopardized the viability of the factory, since this rolling mill is the one that carries out the first treatment of all the aluminum that enters the plant.

However, what could have been a catastrophe – Aludium itself estimates that could have lost 60 million euros – has become a new opportunity to the company. On the one hand, because thanks to the quick reaction of those responsible It was derived this first treatment of the metal coils at the Aludium plant in amorebieta and to the facilities of a client, Alumasa, in Badajozwhich allowed keep up production while the renovation of the machinery took place in Alicante.

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And, on the other hand, because the new mill, in which 12.5 million have been invested euros, will increase production by almost 6,000 tons per year, in addition to reducing the waste generated by 12% and improving its efficiency. In other words, it will reduce the costs of the plant.

From construction to screw caps for bottles

The Aludium plant in Alicante is responsible for transforming the aluminum coils more than one centimeter thick that arrive at the plant into thinner plates that are put to different uses. At the moment, the highest percentage of billing is provided by the material destined for construction, that is, the plates to cover facades or for the manufacture of blinds. The factory is also one of the world’s largest suppliers of sheets for making the screw caps used by many beverages, and is also a leading manufacturer of aluminum used in cosmetic packaging.

The executive highlighted the work carried out by Siemens for the start-up of the new rolling mill in just 12 months -the first fully usable coils left the machine last April-, something that has been possible thanks to new technologies and, specifically, to the use of a “digital twin”, As explained by the Business Director of the German technology company, Manuel Campayo. That is, the system capable of digitally reproducing all the machinery to know in advance how it will react.

In addition, this new machinery incorporates more than 1,500 sensors, which are processed in thousandths of a second by the system, which increases its precision and, therefore, the quality of the product.

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new ovens

Looking ahead to next year, Aludium expects to continue investing in the plant, amounting to around 12 millions of euros. As explained by José Ignacio Juan, the company will build some new ovens to complement the current foundry -which was recovered in the Alicante facilities four years ago- with the aim of increasing the percentage of raw material obtained from the scrap recycling, to depend less on external suppliers of raw materials. Currently, about 80% of the aluminum that the company works with already has this origin.

The event held this Thursday brought together several hundred employees, collaborators and authorities, including the city’s mayor, Luis Barcala.

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