The financial dollar fell by about $7 in two days and approached $300

The financial dollar fell by about  in two days and approached 0

“We believe that some interventions by ‘official’ agencies have succeeded in temporarily insulating CCL from emerging volatility,” Delphos Investment said.

For its part, the MEP dollar value -value with 2030 global – It fell $1.47 (-0.5%) to $296.78, Then the deployment arrived with the officer 102.5%.

On the other hand, in the informal market, The blue dollar jumped $4 (+1.4%) to $290according to Field survey On the black market for coins. While, The The gap with the official dollar was 97.9%.

This was said by the President of the US Federal Reserve in St. Louis, James Bullard Rapid increases in interest rates have raised the risk of a recession, although it is likely caused by an external shock rather than a collapse of the US economy.

With the advancement of Ámbito, The Central Bank (BCRA) is expected to implement new measures in the foreign exchange market since the end of Friday to implement the special exchange rate for soybean exporters.

Starting next week, there will be a new exchange scheme in the knowledge economy (techno-dollar), which will allow the free availability of dollars. As for tourism, the price of the dollar (Qatar dollar) will rise, given the proximity of the World Cup.

Meanwhile, thanks to Soybean Dollars, the exclusive September-only methodThe monetary entity was able to consolidate its scarce international reserves. On Tuesday, this program contributed $412.4 million, and the BCRA closed the round with $324 million in purchases.

The entity is accumulating an almost constant increase in its reserves $4 billion this monthagainst filtering soybeans for about $6.2 billion According to the operators, above significant comparative balances such as $2,446 million in April 2014 and $2,202 million in November 2019.

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“I have a feeling that when it comes to the local climate, considering that we are in Argentina and there are always ups and downs, (Economy Minister Sergio) Massa has somehow managed to bring some calm to a fairly logical line for the market.”, Estimated Nicholas Chiesa of Portfolio Personal Inversiones.

“As a result, the attack these days had more to do with what was happening outside (outside). If we calm down on this side and what Massa said is put into practice, I think we can move forward on the right track and assets,” he added. Recovery”.

Today’s note was given by Danger country Argentinewhich – which 76 units rose at 2,666 basis points, Similar levels to those observed at the end of last July, in the face of another collapse of dollar bonds.

official dollar

The dollar rose today – without taxes – 30 cents this Tuesday to $153.31 for saleaccording to the average shown from the banks of the local financial system. Meanwhile, at Banco Nación, a retail ticket earned 50 cents to $152.75 — no taxes.

The dollar I save Or Solidarity Dollars– which comprises 30% of the COUNTRY TAX and 35% off discount from Income tax Based on Private property– 35 cents rose $252.96.

Tourism dollar or retail card plus country tax, realize 45% discount from Income tax Based on Private property– 53 cents rose Priced at $268.29.

The dollar wholesalerAnd the Directly regulated by the BCRA, 31 cents increase a $146.57 USD.

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