The dollar today: how much is being traded on Sunday, September 18, 2022

The dollar today: how much is being traded on Sunday, September 18, 2022

“Soybean segment revenue was once again the champions in the foreign exchange market, with total sales of $1,886 million during the week, bringing the accumulated amount for the month to $3,564 million in revenue due to the new system.”As he claimed Gustavo Quintanaan analyst at PR Corredores de Cambios.

With this in mind, he stressed that BBCC took advantage of this circumstance with purchases that allowed it to generate total revenues so far this month of more than $2.1 billion, “exceeding the highest level recorded in June of the previous year.”

Meanwhile, the dollar rose today without taxes This Friday 18 cents $150.17 on saleaccording to the average shown from the banks of the local financial system. Meanwhile, at Banco Nación, retail bonds were unchanged at $149.

In the parallel market, for its part, the The blue dollar rose $1 to $277according to a survey Domain In the caves of Buenos Aires.

Dollar Savings Price, Friday 16th September

The dollar I save Or Solidarity Dollars– which comprises 30% of COUNTRY TAX and 35% off discount from Income tax Based on Private propertyEarn 30 cents at $247.78.

The price of the tourist dollar, Friday, September 16th

TOURISM DOLLARS OR RETAIL CARD PLUS COUNTRY TAX, realize 45% DISCOUNT from Income tax Based on Private property It rose 31 cents to $262.80.

Wholesale price in dollars, Friday 16 September

dollar wholesaleAnd the Directly regulated by the BCRA, Go up 30 cents this Friday a $143.50 USD.

dollar exchange rate CCLFriday, September 16

The Cash in Dollars with Settlement (CCL)– Works with Global 2030- It jumped 3.9 percent to $295.37 – its highest value for the month. The gap in the official wholesale exchange rate was 106.3%.

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The price of the dollar MEP Friday, September 16

The USD MEP – Resident with Global 2030- It rose 5.2 percent to 289.66. And so the deployment arrived with the officer 102.3%.

Blue Dollar Quote, Friday 16th September

blue dollar Trade at $277according to Field survey On the black market for coins. Meanwhile, the gap has arrived with the official dollar 93%.

Crypto dollar price, Friday 16 September

Crypto Dollar or Dollar Bitcoin Gains 1.4% to $292.05, Based on the average among local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

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