The dollar today: how much is being traded on Saturday, September 24, 2022

The dollar today: how much is being traded on Saturday, September 24, 2022

“So far in September, the soybean sector has accumulated $5.355 million, an amount that exceeds the initial expectations of analysts. The central bank’s total purchases per month of more than $3,320 million, the highest number in a month in recent years,” said Gustavo Quintana, of PR foreign exchange brokers.

Meanwhile, the dollar today -without taxes- Uploaded on Friday 22nd September 60 pennies $152.24 for saleaccording to the average shown from the banks of the local financial system. Meanwhile, at Banco NaciΓ³n, a retail ticket gained 25 cents to $151.25 β€” no taxes.

In the parallel market, for its part, the The blue dollar advanced $2 to $287 after jumping $10 on Tuesdayaccording to a survey Domain In the caves of Buenos Aires, as a reaction to the implementation of a New shares of soybean companies. During the week, the unofficial dollar accumulated a gain of $10.

It should be remembered that on Monday, the Monetary Authority ordered that companies selling soybeans through the Export Increase Program would no longer have access to buying stock in dollars -CCL or MEP- or so-called savings dollars. The measure does not include producers who sell soybeans but companies that sell soybeans.

Dollar Savings Price, Friday, September 23

The dollar I save Or Solidarity Dollars– which comprises 30% of COUNTRY TAX and 35% off discount from Income tax Based on Private property– Offer 73 cents to $251.20.

The price of the tourist dollar, Friday, September 23

TOURISM DOLLARS OR RETAIL CARD PLUS COUNTRY TAX, realize 45% DISCOUNT from Income tax Based on Private property– Earn $1.05 Priced at $266.42. a) yes, The gap with the blue was about $21.

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Wholesale price in dollars, Friday, September 23

dollar wholesaleAnd the Directly regulated by the BCRA, Increased 28 cents on Friday a $145.44. The operating volume in the monetary sector amounted to 667,090 million US dollars.

β€œIn the week that just ended, the wholesale exchange rate increased by $1.92, less than the $2.14 increase recorded in the previous week. The strategy of updating dollar values ​​in the wholesale segment lowered the rate of adjustment for two consecutive weeks, temporarily giving up the acceleration seen at the beginning of the month.”shaded Gustavo QuintanaCorredores de Cambios, PR operator.

dollar exchange rate CCLFriday, September 23

The Cash in Dollars with Settlement (CCL)– Works with Global 2030- It works without modifications $312.23, a new nearly two-month high. This brings the gap in the official wholesale exchange rate to 114.7%.

Dollar price MEPFriday, September 23

MEP dollar -value with 2030 global – It fell 0.1% to $301.82 And so the deployment arrived with the officer 107.5%.

Blue Dollar Quote, Friday 23rd September

The blue dollar rose by $2 and sold at $287according to Field survey On the black market for coins. Meanwhile, the gap with the official dollar is at 97.3%.

Crypto dollar price, Friday, September 23

Crypto Dollar or Bitcoin Dollar Earn 0.7% to reach $307.04, Based on average between local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

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