Tesla Hiccup: EV Maker Recalls 1.1 Million Vehicles

Tesla Hiccup: EV Maker Recalls 1.1 Million Vehicles

The recall is a disadvantage for any auto manufacturer, leading to critical media coverage, damaging its image among consumers and delaying its ability to focus on other aspects of running and growing the business.

For some car manufacturers, the solution is usually to update the software remotely or remotely. This way, owners of damaged vehicles do not need to return them to dealerships or other shops for repair.

Tesla (TSLA) The electric car maker announced the recall of nearly 1.1 million vehicles because electric windows could close too quickly and could injure the driver or passengers.

“The automatic window reversal system may not react properly after an obstacle is detected,” the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in a filing dated Sept. 19.

“As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Vehicle Safety Standard 118, ‘Powered Window Systems’.”

The NHTSA added that “a closing window may exert excessive force to disc the driver or passenger before retracting, increasing the risk of injury.”

Only software update is required

Tesla’s solution is just a software update: “Tesla will update over-the-air software for the automatic window reversing system, free of charge,” the federal agency said.

Owner notice letters are expected to be mailed on November 15, 2022. Owners can also contact Tesla Customer Service at +1877-798-3752.

The four models that are currently affecting Tesla markets:

Makes/models/model years:

Tesla / Model 3 / 2017-2022

Tesla / Model S / 2021-2022

Tesla / Model X / 2021-2022

Tesla / Model Y / 2020-2021

CEO Elon Musk immediately commented on the coverage of the matter. He said the use of the word “recall” is outdated because in this case, a small software update makes the problem go away.

“The terminology is outdated and inaccurate. This is a small over-the-air software update. As far as we know, there have been no infections,” the billionaire said.

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The recall is the second largest issued by Tesla in 2022.

In early February, the automaker recalled 817,000 vehicles because the seat belt warning may not work properly in some cases. Here too, the issue was resolved by an over-the-air software update.

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