Temporary employment: approximately 70% is under 30 years old

Temporary employment: approximately 70% is under 30 years old

β€œIt is expected to continue at current levels, and even more so if we consider that the outlook in the employment of temporary workers predicts the development of the economy,” says Adriana Villanueva, president of the FAETT.

However, temporary agency employees represented 1% of the total number of official private jobs during the relevant quarter, which stands at 6,110,000. Workers according to the data of the Ministry of Labor.

With regard to geographical distribution, a clear concentration of temporary workers is observed in the city of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires. Such is the case that approximately 57% of temporary workers are employed in CABA and GBA, while CΓ³rdoba Province has 5.9%, Santa Fe 8.8% and Mendoza 3.7% of the total.

In contrast, while youth and adolescent unemployment doubles the national average, one of the report’s main findings relates to the fact that 68% of all temporary workers correspond to youth under the age of 30, which indicates that activity occurs in this group.

The remaining 32% of the sample is made up as follows: 27% are workers between the ages of 31 and 45, and 5% are over 45 years old. With regard to the composition by sex, a continuous rise was observed in the female gender, accounting for 36.7% compared to 23.5% in the previous quarter, while 63.3% were men. FAETT Secretary Oscar Silvero says.

According to the report, the social and economic composition of temporary workers indicates that 59.7% of them have completed secondary education. 8.4% of undergraduate or undergraduate level is incomplete and 8.3% have completed it; While 12.7% did not complete their secondary education.

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Temporary employment agencies create formal employment for young people, allowing them to gain experience and training, which is a very effective way of permanent integration into client companies. This is the case where 1 out of every 4 workers entering temporarily into a permanent factory are integrated into the organisations.

In contrast, taking into account that according to a report by the International Labor Organization (ILO), permanent work today represents no more than 30% of total employment in the world, temporary employment is presented as a new method adapting to both. Corporate demands and people’s needs and expectations.

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