Tamadoge Presale Hits $19 Million Goal Despite Bitcoin Drop

Tamadoge Presale Hits  Million Goal Despite Bitcoin Drop

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The pre-sale that generated the most reactions in 2022 has potentially turned into a lifeline for some investors in the face of the recent drop in cryptocurrency prices.

A few hours ago, the Tamadoge (TAMA) presale ended on and this after reaching its target of 19 million USDT in a tense context for the crypto market.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is down 6% over the past 24 hours, with a low of $18,400 on Binance as traders adopt a cautious strategy due to the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) on Wednesday.

Tamadoge presale timeline

The pre-sale of the Tamadoge token started on July 25, 2022 with a beta phase, during which the token was at a discounted price of $0.01.

An event that caught the attention of Yahoo Finance, which praised its usefulness and the attractiveness of its use:

Unlike most other memecoins, Tamadoge was designed to have real utility. It serves as an exchange currency on a gaming platform where there are also Tamadoge pets, virtual pets that owners can mint, merge and of course fight in order to gain experience. Tamadoge was designed to make the Play to Earn system fun, learning from the mistakes of early P2E games.

Yahoo Finance then made two other assessments of Tamadoge, respectively when the caps of 5 and 8 million dollars were crossed.

CNBC also listed Tamadoge at around $15 million:

The fact that its pre-sale performance has outperformed Ethereum as well as the hugely popular StepN, a move-to-earn based platform, is a great indicator of potential future growth. Some experts predict 10x growth in 2023, while others predict a price spike of up to 50x in the same year. Tamadoge also scores high on trust, with CoinSniper performing a full KYC on its founding members. In addition, the project obtained a “100% secure” label from its audit with Solid Proof.

Tamadoge’s pre-sale was originally scheduled to run through the fourth quarter of 2022, but it ended in just under eight weeks.

Listing of Tamadoge on crypto exchanges

In the next phase, investors will be able to obtain their TAMA tokens, a guide explaining the details of the procedure will be published on September 20 on the project’s official Discord and Telegram servers.

Tamadoge investors may optionally choose to receive updates by email, but this is not required.

Last month the LBank platform confirmed on Twitter his upcoming TAMA listing.

Tamadoge, an ERC-20 token, will also have its first official launch on a DEX with its arrival on Uniswap. The starting price of TAMA is set at $0.03.

As the pre-sale of the Tamadoge project ended faster than expected, the team leading the project is now focusing its efforts on all upcoming TAMA listings on the exchanges. These will arrive in the next few days.

A Whale buys the equivalent of 55.8 ETH in Tamadoge

This CNBC article mentioning a new crypto token, with a potential of x10 that could even go higher, was probably the trigger in the fact that the last phase of the presale ended so quickly. $1 million was even raised in excess this weekend.

Tamadoge has also been mentioned by Bitcoinist, BeInCrypto, NewsBTC and some crypto influencers across social media.

Jacob Crypto Bury also noted that a purchase in Tamadoge equivalent to 55.8 ETH was recorded on Etherscan last Sunday.

This is a nice financial move since in the same 24-hour period, Ethereum lost 10%.

Carl Dawkins, head of growth at Tamadoge, spoke at a conference on blockchain and NFTs as part of London Metaverse Week on Saturday, attended by several other TAMA holders.

Crypto token presales as well as ICOs can often outperform other cryptocurrencies in a downtrend market, and even if their launch day is in the red. Investor euphoria and optimism is at its peak in the early stages of a new crypto project.

Note that the price of bitcoin may recover after the FOMC announcements, which we will also follow live on CryptoNews.

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