Tamadoge is listed on OKX – early investors make 250% profit with more to come

Tamadoge is listed on OKX – early investors make 250% profit with more to come
tama usdt okx september 27, 2022
TAMA/USDT on OKX market, September 27, 2022, 15min time.

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tamadogethe new play-to-earn currency, started trading on the leading exchange OKX today and early investors are already making a profit of 129%.

Those who bought it during the sale beta at $0.01 recorded a 250% gain when the price reached $0.035.

People living in the United States can buy TAMA on the DEX from OKX.

TAMA’s trading volume crosses the 224 million mark

Currently valued at $0.023, having surpassed $0.05the token found a strong hold around $0.020 with impressive trading volumes.

Barely six hours into the trading session, 224 million of Tamadoge tokens changed hands out of a total of one billion in circulation.

The traders forecast that the price of TAMA could offer returns of up to 83x, with the current price offering an enticing and relatively low-risk opportunity.

However, sellers will probably regret the day when the roadmap of this ecosystem feature-packed P2E games will be unveiled.

Earn rewards for raising your pet – and join the $200,000 Registration Celebration prize pool

Tamadoge is centered onraise a pet and to be rewarded for it and for successfully competing against other pets.

The P2E classification and the ranking fights are both scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022.

If you want to be a part of the Tamadoge adventure, you can join the TAMA listing celebrations happening right now on OKX. Deposit only $50 and you will earn 5 TAMA.

And complete tasks for a chance to win prize pools of $200,000. There are also exclusive bonuses for new users ofOKX.

16,000 TAMA holders and rapid growth point to near-term upside

Most pre-sale buyers are still holding tokens as new money begins to flow into the trading pair TAMA/USDT.

There is to date 16,000 holders of the token, just two months after the start of its presale. This project is therefore only in its infancy, but all the ingredients for success seem to be in place.

The token has no period of blocking or other stipulations relating to its holding and there is no transaction tax to deter buyers.

Also, unlike many meme coins, in addition to its utility value as a game P2Eit has a deflationary supply in which 5% of the tokens spent in the Tamadoge NFT pet shop will be burned.



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