T-Mobile can’t stop giving airline customers free Wi-Fi

T-Mobile can’t stop giving airline customers free Wi-Fi

T-Mobile really wants you to like it.

Competition is tight between the top three mobile carriers, AT&T (T) Verizon (VZ) and T-Mobile, especially after the latter’s merger with Sprint.

Now that the industry has followed the lead of T-Mobile which was largely due with multi-year contracts to allow customers to pay monthly, there is more liquidity in the market base for the carrier service, and mobile customers are known not to be a loyal group.

But T-Mobile (TMUS) It continues to offer other incentives for excellence, as customers in the Magenta Max program are eligible for a free one-year subscription to Apple+ (APPLE) Netflix (NFLX) or Paramount + (Para) Plus, one year of free AAA services.

And this latest continuous effort should attract the proportion of the population who find themselves on board planes, from time to time. Which means most people.

T-Mobile has partnered with another carrier

This summer, T-Mobile announced plans with a number of carriers, including Delta (DA) American (AAL) And Alaska Airlines (ALK) to offer customers free and unlimited wi-fi, including streaming, as part of its Coverage Beyond program.

Now, this offer has been fully extended to passengers on United Airlines (UAL) . Starting this month, customers will get free Wi-Fi and, where available, live streaming on a selection of domestic and short-haul international flights with the US. Coverage will be available on 737s, MAX8s, MAX9s, select 757-300s, and select A319s.

Customers will now be able to text, email, and live stream the entire season of Apple+’s cult song “Severance” or whatever they might like on Paramount+.

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To be eligible for this feature, you need the Magenta MAX or Magenta plans, which range from $60 to $70 per month. The low-priced plan only covers four flights per year, with one hour free for each flight after that.

Grant Milstead of United said: β€œWhether it’s for business or leisure, we know staying connected in the air is important, and we’re excited that many T-Mobile customers will be experiencing free in-flight Wi-Fi on their phones when traveling with United. “. Vice President of Digital Technology. β€œWith free in-flight coverage, customers can take advantage of Wi-Fi to text their family and friends or browse their favorite websites and apps.”

T-Mobile also has an interesting plan for dealing with dead zones

T-Mobile aims to make sure your onboard experience is comfortable, and that you have plenty of ways to distract yourself from often gruesome flying conditions.

But there are still plenty of places in the world where you can’t get a signal to save your life, known in the industry as “dead zones”.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Seifert recently revealed at a lunch at the Seattle Chamber of Commerce that the company has partnered with SpaceX to address “probably one of its biggest pain points.”

As noted by GeekWire, the partnership will entail the creation of a network of “Starlink satellites that can use T-Mobile’s mid-band spectrum nationwide.”

Beta testing will begin next year, following a series of SpaceX satellite launches. This test will initially include text messages, including SMS, MMS and messaging applications, with voice and data coverage coming later.

β€œWe don’t know exactly how fast you will meet. But our dream is that your current smartphone, which you already have, without the need for new technology, will be able to connect to the Starlink satellites orbiting the Earth and you will be able to get messages in real time, And emergency messages, picture messages, real-time communication not only via text messages, but also via popular messaging apps.”

“If everything goes as planned, we will be in full beta by the end of next year.”

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