Swiss competition watchdog investigates Novartis over patent use

Swiss competition watchdog investigates Novartis over patent use

BERLIN/ZURICH (Reuters) – The Swiss drugmaker confirmed on Thursday that the Swiss Competition Commission (Comco) has opened an investigation into Novartis over the possible illegal use of a patent to curb competitive pressure.

In an unnamed statement, Comco said Novartis in the early morning of September 13, which later said in its statement that it was the group under investigation.

“The company allegedly attempted to protect its dermatological drug from competing products by using one of its patents to initiate litigation,” Comco said in a statement.

Novartis said Comco, in cooperation with the European Commission, has launched an investigation into the confirmation of a patent in a broader range of dermatological treatments.

“In connection with this investigation, KOMCO representatives visited the company’s headquarters in Basel,” she said.

“The opening of the investigation does not imply any consequence of misconduct or any financial impact. Novartis is cooperating fully with the authorities and is confident that the legitimacy of its position has been clarified,” she added.

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