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Sonos Sub Mini: Features, Pricing and Pre-orders

Sonos Sub Mini: Features, Pricing and Pre-orders

Sonos is known for providing high-quality home audio suitable for content like movies and TV shows, as well as jamming out your favorite tunes. For me, this is a mix of Bruce Springsteen, Olivia Rodrigo and Lorde. And most recently with the affordable Ray speakers and the introduction of the Roam portable speaker, Sonos ( (Sono) ) is moving into an area that offers great sound at affordable prices.

That’s what makes the long-rumored announcement of the Sub Miniโ€”yes, the still-boosting, real-life subwooferโ€”so exciting. It’s $429, is about a foot high, and comes in black or matte white.

If you’re already sold out, the Sub Mini is available for pre-order now from Sonos at $429. This subwoofer will start shipping on October 6th.

So let’s get started on a quick Sub Mini unpacking and share some insights from our conversation with Brandon Holley, product creation leader for Home Theater at Sonos.

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So as the name suggests, the Sub Mini is a mini subwoofer that can easily be connected to an existing Sonos amplifier or speaker. It is just under a foot high and about nine inches in diameter in a circular design. Overall, it’s very compact and housed in a modern design that takes pride in its curves.

Brandon is quick to point out that Sonos isn’t yet a simple black box build like many other subwoofers on the market. “The Sub Mini’s aesthetic design was something we’ve spent a lot of time doing that never really happened in a vacuum. Always informed about the acoustic side of things,Holly said.

The Sub Mini can easily fit into any space and is not designed to be ugly to the eye, but rather to be natural. And inside the Sub Mini there’s plenty of sonic oomph. The center is the six-inch woofers that are almost always opposite each other for greater impact and less mechanical noise.

In addition, it is a fully acoustically sealed cabinet that is also paired with Class D digital amplifiers. Essentially, a complete package designed to complement the Sonos Ray or Beam, as well as IKEA’s range of speakers and the One or One SL.

It’s a versatile audio enhancement product designed to work with a number of scenarios – whether it’s to enhance the bass of an EDM fan or to add more thunder when using a Thor Mjolnir In “Thor Love and Thunder.” Sub Mini is designed to make the sound more immersive and improved. We’ll be starting hands-on soon with the Sub Mini and can’t wait to see the performance. Sonos is clearly marketing it to small and medium-sized rooms, though.

In my conversation with Brandon, he described a Ray setup ($279), two SYMFONISK speakers (starting at $119.99), and a Sub Mini as his new affordable home theater setup, which provides an immersive experience. He also mentioned that it’s a good compliment to Ray and Beam who increase the range, but with a bow the effect might not be as impressive there.

And yes, you can also use it with one, a pair of speakers, or any other real setup. Sub Mini is designed to be versatile. Brandon also told us that he’s been working on the Sub Mini alongside Ray, and that it took years to develop. Noting that it “is not a short-term endeavour.”

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The Sonos Sub Mini is somewhat of an expected next step for the company, but it’s also an important one. The Standard Sub at $749 is a big ticket item, and the Sub Mini at $429 is a much lower price tag. It’s also clear that they want a number of devices to compliment, not just big-ticket flagship speakers.

If you have a beam, or beam, or even a few of them, and want a big sound bite, the Sub Mini might be perfect. It’s available for pre-order now at $429 directly from Sonos.

Prices are accurate and items are in stock at time of posting.


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