‘Rogue Squadron’ removal confirms ‘Star Wars’ is now just a Disney+ TV show

‘Rogue Squadron’ removal confirms ‘Star Wars’ is now just a Disney+ TV show

Walt Disney just dropped a slew of release dates, but arguably the biggest news is what’s not on the calendar. As expected for a long time, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron It’s no longer slated for a December 22, 2023 release, which makes sense since the movie has been in limbo since Patty Jenkins jumped aboard. The good news is that whatever star Wars The movie that arrives after that will see some time between him and Heavenly Rise. The bad news is that this will reinforce the idea of star Wars Disney + TV franchise. This Was More Frustrating Than When Disney Purchased Lucasfilm Ten Years Ago, And I Was Worried About It star Wars Movies become less special because of the regularity. Speaking of which, I need to watch it Andor Screening later today.

Since there is almost no chance that Paramount will be untitled Star Trek 4 It will open in December of 2023, leaving the holiday season open for James Wan Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom For kicking butt during the holiday season. Jason Moma/Amber Heard’s Under the Sea is set for December 25, but I’m expecting it to move to December 22. As sad as I am about the extra delay, the year-long gap between him and both Black Panther: Wakanda Forever And the Avatar: Water Road It probably helps because all three big-budget “Part Two” sequels will share at least some plot/scene elements. Contains Warner Bros. Discovery is on the best year-end list with Dune Part Two On November 17 Wonka On December 15th Violet On December 20 and Aquaman 2 On December 25th.

Disney moved Owen Wilson / Tiffany Haddish Haunted Palace Re-do it from March 10, 2023 to August 11, 2023. That’s clever as August could always use another big company and the next March is ridiculously crowded (Dungeons & Dragons, Shazam 2, John Wick 4 And the shout 6). Taiki Waititi’s “One for Me” flick Next goal wins Opens April 21, 2023. Walt Disney Animation desire It will open on Thanksgiving Weekend 2023, while Pixar Elio It will debut on March 1, 2024. Rachel Ziegler / Gal Gadot snow white The remake will open on March 22, 2024, anchoring a busy career alongside Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt directed by David Leitch. ScapegoatAnd the Kung Fu Panda 4, A Quiet Place: Day 1, Godzilla vs. Kong 2 And the Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse. Those are three animated films in one month, so I think something will move.

Pixar Inside Out 2 It will debut on June 15, 2024, nine years after the first film became Pixar’s second-largest non-sequel global film and yet another example of female-led animation that wasn’t remote box office poison. Barry Jenkins Mufasa: The Lion King It will open on July 5, 2024, less than five years after Jon Favreau’s live rerun the king lion Earned $543 million domestically and $1.66 billion globally. Even drop on par with Alice through the looking glass ($299 million in 2016 versus $1.025 billion in 2010) will give Mufasa Assets a prequel (shades of The godfather part two And the Mamma Mia: Here we go again?) 486 million US dollars. That would be on par with Cinderella, Oz: The Great and the Mighty And the Mischievous: Mistress of Evil. I think it would be better than not needed Alice in Wonderland sequel.

The great tragedy is the loss of star Wars Movie. Wonderful Woman 1984 I was Possibly the most budget-busting comic book movie of ages in that it bucked the trend toward darker, more cohesive, and more skewed adult superhero flicks. The global gross could have been an easy $650-750 million, with good (if not super-quality) valuations and buzz, had it opened theatrically on a non-Covid schedule. We have no idea to what extent star Wars It will exist in cinematic form. This is a testament to how bad a read Disney and/or Lucasfilm seem to be last serious Speech (rave reviews, A from Cinemascore and $1.333 billion global) and spoiled the franchise with commercial success ($515 million domestic and $1.073 billion global) but it’s unpopular Heavenly Rise. Let’s hope Marvel doesn’t mistake online rhetoric as a major consensus.

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