Rina Irene Mejia Chacon, Interim President of the Islamic Development Bank

Rina Irene Mejia Chacon, Interim President of the Islamic Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has already removed all traces of Mauricio Clavier Carrone’s expulsion from its official website and highlighted Reina Irene Mejia Chacon as President and Executive Vice President.

They note in her biography that “Queen Irene Mejia Chacon, a Honduran citizen, acts as of September 26 as the interim President of the Islamic Development Bank under the supervision of the Executive Board until the election of a new president.”

They also detail that in her capacity as interim chairperson she is “the legal representative and chief executive officer (CEO) of the institution, responsible for the management and administration of the day-to-day operations of the bank”.

With her internship, she became the first woman to head the Islamic Development Bank since its birth in 1960.

The IDB has not formally summoned members to register their candidates. As stated in the statute, 45 days must pass for applications to be completed, and voting must take place 60 days after the call is opened.

Officials from the international financial sector hope that candidates will come from Mexico, as the United States has proposed since 2020, or that Costa Rica will again propose its candidate, Laura Chinchilla. But so far neither country has taken an official position.

The candidate must have the support of a number of member states that give him an absolute majority according to the voting power of the elected states, which is forty-eight.

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