Rich Writer and Poor Father Warns Bitcoin Investors to ‘Buy Now’

Rich Writer and Poor Father Warns Bitcoin Investors to ‘Buy Now’

It was confirmed in the same message Saving in dollars loses. Instead, he was recommending BTC, gold or silver as investments. Even mentioning the need to invest in “real money”, which implies that the dollar is not.


β€œBiggest Drop in History” for Bitcoin

Kiyosaki insisted on his prediction that the markets would collapse like never before: “I expect that the biggest crisis in world history is coming.” The famous author and reference has stated that bear markets are the best times for investors to get rich, because everything will be on offer.

His advice was echoed in his July tweet, when he said his favorite four-letter word was “sell”. Kiyosaki explained that asset prices are dropping sharply and that he is in a β€œcash position waiting to get deals, especially in real estate and bitcoin.”

β€œIt’s time for the poor to get rich,” Kiyosaki tweeted a tip again, adding that stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and real estate are collapsing. . In addition, he noted that the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department are destroying the dollar.”

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