Ranking: What are the top 20 brands chosen by Argentines

Ranking: What are the top 20 brands chosen by Argentines

The American company has become the favorite of Argentines according to a study Brand effect made by the company kantar worldpanel, It follows that citizens chose it 233 million times during 2021.

The results of the report arise from the measurement Consumer Access PointsBrand strength is measured in terms of how often buyers choose it.

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The survey showed that Coca-Cola was crowned in the “drinks” category above other recognized companies, while topping the overall consumption ranking. β€œWe are very pleased to be able, on our anniversary, to once again celebrate the achievement of being the most preferred brand by consumers,” he highlighted. Dennis Bikomarketing manager coca cola Argentina and Uruguay.

The CEO of a multinational company considered that the result obtained is a sample “of all our business for 130 years in the world and 80 years in Argentina, and we are honored to be selected in 79.6% of the country’s homes.”

In addition, he noted that the products Coca-Cola markets “help our organization achieve its goal of revitalizing the world and making a difference, which is why we invest in each brand’s identity and raison d’Γͺtre, to offer consumers an ideal choice for every occasion.”

The Kantar Worldpanel report highlighted that the world’s best-selling soft drink is in eight out of 10 homes in the country. Like last year, the company also ranked first in Latin America and globally. The study showed that worldwide the soft drink was selected 6,628 million times for home consumption, increasing its CRP performance by 3% compared to 2020.

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Ranking of the most chosen brands in Argentina

coca cola He led the rankings prepared by Kantar Worldpanel for the second year in a row accompanied by the dairy company the quietest Which returned to put itself in second place as in 2021.

Under both was arcor, Reaching the third place after climbing to one place while Baguio s temper nature They completed the first five, after two growths from the previous year: the first moved up three places while the second moved up one notch.

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