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Production chief says Mercedes-Benz has other plans to cut back pocket gas

BERLIN (Reuters) – Mercedes-Benz has planned measures to reduce gas consumption by up to 50 percent, but has not yet cut it more than 10 percent, the company’s chief production officer said on Friday.

“We are ready to do it at any moment,” Berzer said on the sidelines of the opening of a new digital university campus in Berlin. “Let’s see what’s coming.”

The chief executive, Ola Kylinios, said last July that the 10 percent gas cut had already been made and that another cut in half could be implemented.

However, Brazer cautioned that all contingency plans to prevent production shutdowns depend on managing supplier networks to deliver parts.

The comments echoed Volkswagen (ETR:) executives on Thursday who said the automaker is exploring short-term measures such as stockpiling parts on ships and trains and, in the medium term, switching to suppliers overseas if European suppliers can no longer withstand the pressure. Gas price hike.

Volkswagen said it has already reduced its gas consumption by more than 20% and could cut it further to an average of double digits.

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