Private security mobilizes to demand salary increases

Private security mobilizes to demand salary increases

The workers of the Private security They have decided to mobilize after the sectoral agreement was blocked. Thus, and within the protests that are taking place at the national level, the Plaza de la MontaΓ±eta in Alicante has hosted this noon a concentration convened by CC OO, UGT and USO to demand reasonable salary increases and show their opposition to a series of cuts in working conditions.

As union officials have explained, there are around 5,000 workers in the province that are included in this sector. While the labor part demands a salary increase of 16% in four years, the employer only offers 9% in three years. From the convening centrals, a multi-year collective agreement is considered essential and includes salary increases and a wage guarantee clausegiven the current situation of uncertainty and inflation.

The unions also complain about the business intention of cut labor rightsin the sense of not covering casualties, freezing seniorities or removing already consolidated days.

Similarly, they regret that public administrations are hiring “low cost” companieswhich directly affects the employees of the same, who, on many occasions, denounce, they are left without being paid.

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