Positive aspect of Iberdrola: Towards 11 euros per share

Positive aspect of Iberdrola: Towards 11 euros per share

The European Union executive on Wednesday outlined its plans for raise more than 140,000 million euros ($140 billion) to deal with an energy crisis that has raised the prospect of winter fuel rationing, business insolvency and economic recession.

Gas prices in Europe have soared this year as Russia has reduced fuel exports in retaliation for Western sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine, which has left households struggling to pay energy bills and energy companies cash-strapped.

This affects the firms of the energy sector also from our country, where the Government of Pedro Sรกnchez also wants to apply to the extraordinary benefits of the large energy companies and financial entities.

How can this affect energetics?

According to Victoria Torre, from Singular Bank, this type of news could be already discounted in the price of Spanish energy. In any case, we will have to wait to see how these government plans materialize and how they impact the different energy sources.

In a bag, Iberdrola You are in luck this 2022, after a complicated 2021. accumulate some increases of more than 5.5% as far as exercise and 17% in the last twelve months. On a technical level, it seems that it will continue to improve. According to Darรญo Garcรญa, from XTB, the value is in a growing maximum and minimum channel.


The key is to get keep the 10.2 euros and by the top, the following objectives are in the 10.97 euros and then at 11.15 euros per title.

Analyst consensus gives a buy tip and upside potential of more than 11%.

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