Poll shows voters not enthusiastic about Biden and Trump in 2024

Poll shows voters not enthusiastic about Biden and Trump in 2024

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Republicans and Republican-leaning independent voters are divided over former President Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential nomination, according to ABC/Washington Post The poll, indicating a significant drop in Trump’s popularity among key voters.

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Among Republicans and independents who tend to vote with the party, 47% support Trump’s candidacy for the 2024 race while 46% would like to see someone else, according to the poll.

Those numbers represent a 20-point drop in support for Trump compared to his 2020 nomination, according to ABC.

The poll found that for Democrats and independent voters who lean toward the party, only 35% support Biden’s pick for the 2024 nomination while 56% favor another candidate.

If Biden and Trump were to rematch the 2024 match, the survey found that Biden would get 48% compared to 46% for Trump, however, the poll indicated that if only registered voters were taken into account, the results reversed to 46% for Biden and 48% for Trump.

The poll was conducted by telephone from Sept. 18 to 25, and included a national random sample of 1,006 adults, of whom 908 were registered voters.

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Both Biden and Trump have faced blows that could put their administrations at risk for the White House. Biden has struggled with low approval rates in recent months, and polls have consistently found that most Democratic voters don’t want him to run again in 2024. However, the jump in Biden’s approval ratings has been driven by recent victories such as the passage of the Inflation Cut Act and the Gas Drop. Prices have reportedly encouraged the president to plan to announce his candidacy for 2024. Trump’s popularity among voters was hurt by his participation in the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill — over which half of Americans believe he should face criminal charges, according to a poll June – Investigations into allegations that he improperly stored classified White House documents and a lawsuit brought by New York alleges that Trump and three of his adult children committed “repeated and ongoing” fraud in the Trump Organization administration.

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Biden struggles, as does his party, as most Democrats look elsewhere for 2024: POLL (ABC News)

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