Play to earn โ€“ A solitaire game that allows you to earn Bitcoin

Play to earn โ€“ A solitaire game that allows you to earn Bitcoin

The games of play to earn (P2E) are not only reserved for altcoins and other unknown cryptocurrencies. Even if it must be recognized that most of these projects are often developed on, or in parallel with, the Ethereum blockchain. A specificity that has become almost impossible for the Bitcoin, due to the lack of adaptability of its network. But the strong evolution and the galloping adoption of the Lightning Network could well be a game changer. It is in any case the bet of the game company THNDR Gameswith the launch of a new version of solitaire that allows you to earn BTC.

The audience is targeted, according to official statements from the gaming company THNDR Games. And it is in the current state of thingsa female audiencebut also what is defined as โ€œemerging marketsโ€. Two targets to which it is a question of โ€œbringing Bitcoin (โ€ฆ) thanks to mobile gamesโ€. Because, still according to figures from THNDR Games, 63% of women play mobile games and around 60% of users of its gaming solutions come from developing areas. There was no need for moreโ€ฆ

Bitcoin Club: Solitaire โ€“ Earn BTC while playing

Reason why the brand new game โ€œ Bitcoin Club: Solitaire is presented as the ideal product to reach these associated audiences, even though they are decidedly different. With as main point of attachment the possibility very clearly put forward to be able to earn Bitcoin (more certainly satoshis). This while playing his latest solitaire game whose initial version was successful is Interplanetary. With, according to figures for the year 2020, still more than 35 million monthly users and 100 million daily games.

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In fact, all of this is made possible by the use of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Because it makes it possible instant micropayments, for a nominal fee. And, as a result, the company THNDR Games can donate part of its income (in-app purchases and advertisements) in the form of BTC. This following daily raffles which make it possible to determine the lucky beneficiary of this digital envelope.

Before Lightning, it was actually impossible to put bitcoin in games as in-game currency due to speed, transaction fees, and all the scaling issues. Once the Lightning Network came into being, it was possible to add bitcoin to games.

Desiree Dickerson, CEO of THNDR Games

These are available games in mobile versions on the various current stores. And these BTC payments will not make you millionaires in this digital economy, that’s for sure. But the initiative has at least the interest of propagate the principle of play to earn โ€“ or more specifically in this case the gaming lottery โ€“ to the Bitcoin network.

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