Partial unemployment withdrawals amounted to 2,082 million pesos in August. 2022 max

Partial unemployment withdrawals amounted to 2,082 million pesos in August.  2022 max

Partial unemployment withdrawals made in pension fund managers (Before that) it reached its highest number so far this year with 2,082 million pesos in August, a 1.9% annual decline in real terms, the National Retirement Savings System Committee (NRSS) reported.Eat).

The amount reported in August reveals that partial withdrawals due to unemployment at fund managers have been accumulating for four consecutive months with increases.

In a monthly comparison, the amount withdrawn in August increased by 6.2% given that in July 2022, 1,958 million pesos were withdrawn.

Between January and August, the balance of partial unemployment withdrawals amounted to 14,824 million pesos, which is a decrease of 4.2% in real terms compared to the same period last year.

In details by fund managers, Afore Coppel indicated an outflow of resources of 454 million pesos in August; XXI – Banorte, 369 million pesos; Citibanamex 284 million pesos. Surah. 211 million pesos; future 139 million pesos; Invercap. 94 million pesos; The principal amount is 102 million pesos; Inbursa 41 million pesos; The Pensionissste is 5.3 million pesos.

More than 1.2 million workers withdrew their resources

Consar explained that the number of workers who made withdrawals in August was 169,437 workers, which is a decrease of 5.7% compared to the same month last year.

The number of workers who decided to address partial unemployment due to unemployment in August was 2.3% higher than in July (165,610 workers). In this context, the cumulative number between January and August 2022 comes to more than 1.2 million people who chose to withdraw money from their wages.

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Partial retirement due to unemployment is a right that has helped millions of workers during the two years that the epidemic spread in Mexico.

Consar has authorized that partial unemployment withdrawals can be processed from an app Mobile Afore. However, only those whose electronic files have been updated will be able to do this. In the absence of the application, the concerned party must go to the Afore branch to carry out the procedure.

However, withdrawing resources from the fund manager reduces weeks of worker contribution. The time they are deducted depends on the salary they receive.

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