Panama and FAO will promote digital innovation in the agricultural sector

Panama and FAO will promote digital innovation in the agricultural sector

Panama City, Sep 22 (EFE).- The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA) of Panama will promote a plan to modernize and digitize the management of this portfolio, within a context of resilience and post-pandemic recovery, the world body reported this Thursday.

To this end, the head of MIDA, Augusto Valderrama, and the FAO subregional coordinator for Mesoamerica, Adoniram Sanches, signed the project called “Food crisis and digitalization of agriculture: modernization of MIDA in Panama.”

The plan, scheduled to be implemented in the next 17 months, aims to strengthen the effectiveness of the economic recovery and resilience mechanisms of the agri-food sector, in the post-pandemic and inflation context, said a statement from the FAO.

Among its most relevant actions is a digitized agricultural information management system for the MIDA that takes into account the platforms of the public sector linked to agriculture, and the private sector (Chamber of Commerce, Financial Institutions and Stock Exchange).

The initiative also proposes for MIDA and the Institute of Agricultural Innovation (Idiap) of Panama a registration system for Panamanian farmers, computerized and articulated with a national rural extension system (public and private), with special attention to family farming and indigenous of the Comarcas.

Valderrama pointed out that modernization and digitalization in the agricultural sector are vital to “guide producers in the use of soil, in water conditions, in weather changes due to climate change, in the timely and correct use and planting of products and in guaranteeing the efficient use of resources”.

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“With all these tools, the MIDA and all the instances of the sector will have timely information, number of producers, hectares produced by item, soil conditions, lack or excess of water”, highlighted the Panamanian minister.

The information will be accessible digitally through the MIDA website, and will be available to universities, banks, institutions, “to make the best decisions for the benefit of the agricultural sector,” Valderrama explained.

“This initiative represents an important preamble to the creation of an Agrifood ‘Hub’ in Panama discussed in April 2022, during the visit of the Director General of FAO, Qu Dongyu, with President Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, since access to information and statistics agri-food is essential for that purpose,” Sanches said for his part.

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