Ost Ned Vollmer on YouTube The Try Guys song after cheating allegations – here’s what happened

Ost Ned Vollmer on YouTube The Try Guys song after cheating allegations – here’s what happened

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The Try Guys, a group of YouTube creators who started at Buzzfeed and later formed their own production company, announced Tuesday that they will part ways with executive producer and founding member Ned Fulmer, who confirmed speculation among fans that he cheated on his wife with an employee of the company.

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The group’s three remaining members – Eugene Li Yang, Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfield – released a statement Tuesday announcing that Vollmer would no longer work with The Try Guys “as a result of Comprehensive internal review‘, adding that they could no longer see ‘Way Forward Together’.

In a separate statement, Vollmer said he was involved in “consensual work relationshipHe apologized to his fans and his wife, Ariel Vollmer, who often appeared in content for The Try Guys.

Vollmer said he will focus on moving forward His marriage and children“Family should always have been my priority,” he said.

Ariel Vollmer, in her own statement, thanked followers for their support and demanded privacy for the couple’s two sons.

The Try Guys representatives did not immediately respond to A ForbesComment request.

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7.8 million. This is how many followers The Try Guys have on their main YouTube channel. Its content revolves largely around the members trying new things. Recent videos have shown the remaining members trying their hand at stand-up comedy, baking claires and eating everything at a buffet in Las Vegas.

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The comments came after fans speculated for days that Vollmer was having an affair with an employee of The Try Guys production company. Vollmer has not appeared in the three latest YouTube videos of The Try Guys, and fans have assumed he was edited out of the scenes he filmed. Photos posted online by Reddit users allegedly showed Vollmer kissing a company employee, a production manager, in New York. Vollmer was known for maintaining the image of a “family man” and even incorporating his wife and children into his content. The Try Guys was formed in 2014 while the four members were still producing content at Buzzfeed, and in 2018 they left the company to form their own content. Social media users who discussed the allegations against Vollmer compared the situation to rumors of Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine, who was accused by TikTok user of cheating on his model wife Behati Prinsloo.

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