Online Auction: Banco Ciudad auctions cars and trucks, including a classic 1959 car that stands out

Online Auction: Banco Ciudad auctions cars and trucks, including a classic 1959 car that stands out

The auction will be held online through the city’s auction platform.

This new auction offers a total of 16 lots with different configuration options, prices and quantities; All this at very competitive base prices in pesos.

Among the many offered there is an interesting opportunity for collectors or lovers of classic cars, it Chevrolet Biscayne, Model 1959, that clocks 947,729 kilometers and leaves with a base of $307,564.

There are also many heavy-duty units such as trucks and semi-trailers sold individually:

  • Scania R 124 two-axle truck tractor from 2004. Auctioned with a base $100,000.-
  • 2007 Volkswagen 19-320 Two Axle Tractor Truck With Dollar Base100,000.-
  • 1998 Scania T 124 Tractor Truck with Standard Price $100,000. –
  • Three-axle semi-trailer 2003 model is up for auction with base $50,000. –

Trucks and semi-trailers do not have free circulation in the national territory and can only be purchased for re-export.

In addition, they will finish 4 lots of tires of different makes and models, priced between $11,000 and $51,000. –

Pieces are on display at customs warehouses at various locations in the country and can be visited Monday through Friday from 9am to 12pm, until September 16, by prior arrangement by phone or email to contact local customs.

View a lot:

  • Parts 1 and 2: Gunther 1160 – Oberรก – Missions.
  • Group 3: Av. Gutinsky 1785 – Formosa.
  • group 4: San Martin 1101 – Clorinda – Formosa.
  • Parts 5 to 7: Estanislao Lazzaga 290 – San Javier – Misiones.
  • Parts 8 to 11: RN 12 Km 9.5 – Posadas Public Deposit.
  • 12th to 16th decade: Lieutenant Perez and Job. Goetia – Barranqueras – Chaco.

Contracts 1 to 6 and 11 to 16 pay VAT on the sale price. Quotas 7 to 10 are inclusive of re-export only.


Bidders must register up to 48 working hours before the auction begins. Participation requires a security deposit, the percentage of which is determined for each lot, depending on the specific circumstances of each auction. To form a Security Deposit, you must make one transfer of the amount corresponding to the total amount of lots you wish to participate in this auction, and then attach the receipt when registering at the online auction portal (the amount that will be returned in full in the absence of bid or if no Bidding is winning within 7 business days after auction).

Develop electronic bids through the online auction portal

At the specified date and time, the request for proposals will start through the portal. Bidding must only be submitted through the auction site.

Each bidder may submit the number of bids it deems necessary to be awarded or exceeded, during the auction period.

The same bidder may submit more than one bid for the same item, and the highest value bid always prevails. All offers are non-cancellable and non-withdrawable. Offers cannot be canceled and/or canceled in any way, as they are only rejected at the moment of their overstay by another bidder. During the procedure, bidders will be able to monitor the evolution of bids submitted in real time, in terms of quantity and location.

The minimum and maximum bids on each lot are set at $1,000 and $50,000, respectively.

closure extension

The online auction has a scheduled closing time.In the event that a bid is submitted within the last five (5) minutes before closing, the timer will add another three (3) minutes so that all interested bidders can submit new bids. This closing extension procedure will be implemented by adding three (3) minutes each time a new bid is received, so as not to overtake any bidder with the highest value.


The bidder who submitted the highest bid will receive an email notifying them of this circumstance.

Within 48 working hours after the auction, the buyer must pay 20% of the property’s sale price as a deposit and 10% plus VAT as commission plus VAT. The bank will be notified by e-mail of the corresponding amounts. Within 5 days after the acquisition is approved, the remaining balance must be paid by bank transfer.

Sharing steps

  • Those interested must have an electronic device such as a tablet, laptop, PC, smartphone or similar with WIFI connection.
  • Register as a user at, in “session start” (credentials are the same as self-manage).
  • Entering the interest auction at
  • Read the terms of sale.
  • Transferring the guarantee amount that allows participation (the guarantee amount is 3% of the basic value of the piece. This percentage depends on the conditions of each auction).
  • Receive permission by e-mail to be able to view.

payment methods

  • Bank transfer and virtual wallets.

In this way, through auctions that are open to the entire community, the state converts the idle assets into cash to redirect resources towards various businesses and services of public interest. Banco Ciudad’s online auction method provides a simple and dynamic access mechanism, extending participation to the entire national territory.

AFIP-CUSTOMS Auctions are held throughout the year in Banco Ciudad and those interested can consult the auction calendar on the digital platform, which is presented by items, with descriptions, photos and base price for each lot.

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