NVIDIA Experience, Investment and Innovation “Years Before” Anyone

NVIDIA Experience, Investment and Innovation “Years Before” Anyone

Written by Sam Bogda

With NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:) hosting GTC, a global AI developer conference, analysts across the board provided comments after the keynote address by CEO Jensen Huang and Q&A analyst.

Their main takeaways include announcing the company’s next-generation RTX 40 gaming GPUs, the Omniverse, progress in increasing recurring revenue as the Hopper H100 is fully produced, and announcing it’s next redesign, an analyst at KeyBanc Capital Markets said in a note. . Atlan’s automotive platform is of a generation, and the company that revealed Orin has 40 wins in the automotive design field.

Orin scored 40 wins in the automotive design, with a total of $11 billion in the automotive pipeline. Management remains confident about gaming’s drive to $2.5 billion in the first quarter, noting that the company has spent the past several quarters financing the channel and dismissing fears of dumping The market is in crypto-cards, indicating strong enthusiastic demand for the RTX 40,” the analyst wrote, adding that KeyBanc is still redundant and recommending investors to own NVDA.

“Founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote today focused on NVDA’s broad hardware, accelerated computing, Omniverse, and enterprise AI platform,” said Oppenheimer Analyst, Outperform Rating on Nvidia.

“We believe gaming is risk-free, although hybrid enterprise data points present a potential risk to DC. We view the current headwinds as transient and believe that NVDA’s AI-led structural growth thesis is sound,” the analyst wrote.

Meanwhile, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, with an equal weight rating and a $182 price target, said they “gained insight into pricing tailwinds for the gaming business, as well as a burgeoning software and services business that will provide customers with an integrated offering of artificial intelligence, simulation development, and automation programming.” industrial.”

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β€œThe biggest benefit to us is the higher price of gaming GPUs, which increases our conviction of the pace of gaming revenue recovery in the coming year,” the analyst stated. β€œTo be clear we are going to have a position here, and look at stocks as an underlying asset especially after the recent sell-off, but given the multiple historical downturns during periods of uncertainty in the data center we leave room to add to those positions on any weakness in the few months coming.”

Finally, Rosenblatt Securities analyst, who has a buy rating on Nvidia, said it was a strong keyword for GTC, as expected.

β€œNvidia’s Fall Edition of the GPU or GTC Technology Conference was as expected, full of product launches/advertisements in silicon, software, applications and system areas for everything related to AI. We don’t exaggerate that Nvidia is now all about AI because of the company’s depth of experience and investment And its innovation is years ahead; everyone else,” the analyst wrote.

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