NFT – OpenSea has officially dropped anchor on layer 2 Optimism

NFT – OpenSea has officially dropped anchor on layer 2 Optimism

The market for NFT tokens has grown considerably in just over a year. With a veritable proliferation of collections, sometimes more identical than innovative, on the many networks that support their creation. But whatever happens, a single central platform able to offer them real visibility : the essential leader Opensea. The latter initially planned to accommodate the non-fungible tokens of the Ethereum blockchain, another historic behemoth in the sector. But the trend is towards multi-chain opening, and the latest integration concerns layer 2 Optimism (OP).

The decline seems to have gripped the NFT token market. With plummeting volumes, since the last all-time high (ATH) recorded in January of this year (above $5.5 billion). And for the first time since the explosion of this sector, an Opensea platform which shows results for the month of September ($315.5 billion) lower than those of February 2021 ($327.5 billion). Date on which it exceeded for the very first time the 15 ETH monthly return (less than $20,000 at the time).

But that does not prevent this market leader in NFT collections from continuing to develop. And one of the obvious secrets to its ever-so-great success is the integration of new networks into its catalog. With the latest additions to the layer 2 Arbitrum and, since yesterday, its counterpart Optimism (OP).

Opensea dropped anchor on Optimism

The information fell yesterday, on the official Twitter account of the Opensea platform. The latter has “officially anchored” on the digital land of layer 2 Optimism (OP). This means that the NFTs developed on this network are now available for purchase and sale on this essential marketplace. And this following other major blockchains in this ecosystem such as Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), Klaytn.

And barely 24 hours after this announcement, Opensea already has more than a hundred collections of NFTs from the Optimism Network listed on its marketplace. But the latter nevertheless underlines the most important ones, with which she is delighted to be able to work in the future. Like, for example, the Apetimism, Bored Town, MotorHeadz and OptiChads projects. The latter hitherto confined to the borders of the Quix platform specifically developed on the Optimism network. And – it seems important to note – very intimate considering the number of their Twitter followers.

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Nevertheless, this integration of layer 2 Optimism did not really trigger any hype on the projects concerned. And the most popular at the time of writing this article (Early Optimists and Optimism Quests) show volumes between 5 and 7 ETH over the last 24 hours (less than $9000). Far from the current leaders like the CryptoPunks (943 ETH) or the Bored Ape Yacht Club (478 ETH).

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