NexTech’s lithium-sulfur battery technology earns UN/DOT safety certification

NexTech’s lithium-sulfur battery technology earns UN/DOT safety certification

By Michael Elkins

NexTech Batteries, the global leader in lithium-sulfur (LiS) battery technology, today announced that the company has achieved UN/DOT 38.3.5 Safety Certification for its patented 5.4-amp lithium-sulfur cell. Before any lithium battery can be transported, it must pass specialized safety tests that simulate real-world transportation conditions. Nextech’s 5.4 amp-hour cell met and exceeded these test criteria.

This is the first battery cell from NexTech to achieve certification. The company is ramping up activity with local and international partners and rapidly preparing additional cell capabilities for UN/DOT testing.

โ€œThe UN/DOT safety certification is further confirmation that our patented lithium-sulfur technology and cells herald a new era in battery technology that completely solves the safety challenges posed by current lithium-ion batteries. We not only meet safety standards, but far exceed them with science and technology. The new semi-solid state – no thermal runway and no combustible materials This new level of safety, combined with unprecedented energy density and much more sustainable materials, is leading the way, focusing on a more local supply chain and no dependence on expensive foreign metals. To move at full speed revolutionizing many industries around the world.โ€ – Bill Burger, CEO of NexTech Batteries.

With this certification, NexTech demonstrates compliance in the design and manufacture of leading-edge lithium-sulfur battery cells โ€” which are actively tested by major global automakers, US government energy commissions, and consumer technology companies.

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