Netflix tightens its password policy in five other Latin American countries

Netflix tightens its password policy in five other Latin American countries

In five countries in Latin America, Netflix has implemented a new system that allows account sharing and, as a result, a new way to prevent users from revealing their passwords. If you are based in Latin America and do not have an account to see any of our top movie recommendations andin 2022There is a solution for you.

Users from El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Guatemala and Honduras have been paying for additional “homes” since August 22, 2022.. That is if they want to access the streaming service outside of their main property for longer than a short vacation.

According to studies conducted by Netflix, more than a hundred million families use accounts that are owned by them but are owned by someone else. Also, according to Netflix, sharing passwords is one of the main factors contributing to the slow growth of the company’s customer base.

After losing 200,000 customers in the previous quarter, The company expects that it will incur another loss of 2 million customers during the second period of the current fiscal year. During the year, the company’s stock price has fallen by more than 65%. This drop can be attributed to growing concern among investors about the health of the streaming industry.


It has been noticed Remarkably high rate of password sharing in Latin America, which is where Netflix is โ€‹โ€‹currently running its first two tests to determine whether or not customers will pay for access. The company is trying to limit sharing without penalizing customers who already pay for Netflix or keeping viewers off the service. Since this initiative has sometimes been described as a crackdown, some customers are concerned that they may lose access to their account as a result of this effort.

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Even if they are out of town or traveling somewhere else, Netflix subscribers can watch shows and movies on the go using their mobile devices, Like smartphones and tablets. However, if they want to stream on TV, they can only watch Netflix at no extra charge for two weeks if they are away from their main address.

Also, they are only allowed one free streaming session in one place. Netflix will offer the user if they want to add a dwelling for an additional price per month once the first two weeks of free access have passed or if the user returns to a site where he had previously reached the limit of free access to the service.

Subscribers using the basic level can add an additional home, Standard subscribers can add up to two more homes and Premium subscribers can add up to three different homes. Netflix claims that it can identify families based on information such as IP addresses, device identifiers, and account activity.

However, the company advises users to ensure that all of their devices are connected to the same internet connection and that they are not using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy service. This is in the event that the Netflix system mistakenly assumes that the viewer is not in their primary residence.

also, The organization will allow members to stop paying for an extra home whenever they want And change their extra home up to three times every six months.

How Netflix detects password sharing at home

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Netflix uses data such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.device identifiers, and account activity. If you notice a notification that too many homes are using your account while using a device inside the home, you can

Make sure that the device is using the same internet connection as the other devices in the house and is not using a proxy, VPN or decryption service.

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