NEORIS is distinguished by the Legislature of Buenos Aires with its “Promoting Talent” scholarship program

NEORIS is distinguished by the Legislature of Buenos Aires with its “Promoting Talent” scholarship program

For this year’s edition, more than 120 scholarships were enabled through pre-registration at and more than 500 people registered. They announced from NEORIS that they have plans to enable the program every 4 months.

β€œWe are very proud to receive this honor for a program created in 2021 that was originally designed to train more IT talent and that today helps bridge the gap between supply and demand for technological resources,” said Sebastian Ramacciotti, Country Director for the Arab Republic of Egypt. . Argentina in NEORIS, The digital transformation company that just announced its entry as the majority shareholder in one of the world’s most important private equity funds, Advent International.

For her part, legislator Natalia Fidel, who implemented the Declaration of Interest project, noted that activities such as NEORIS are important to differentiate because while trying to respond to a sector, they offer a new way of teaching. . β€œThe health crisis has revolutionized the way we work and affected labor market dynamics around the world, driving up demand for profiles related to the jobs of the future. We are highlighting the work they do in Talent Boost as they think about the future of education. And the need to find these profiles that companies have today.”

The project arose in a complex scenario for the sector: the Argentine Software Industry Chamber estimates that in 2021 it will not be possible to cover more than 5,000 available jobs and raises the number to 15,000 if the demand there is taken into account in other industries.

Faced with this reality, NEORIS together with UTN presented a selection of four courses last year: Functional testing, full stack development, Java and .NET. was the goalThe four-month internship, free and on-the-go, is for young people between the ages of 18-25 with little or no work experience, women who want to venture into the world of IT and professionals over 45 years old.

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β€œThe demand for talent is very high, and just as it used to be studying English to allow you to get hired quickly, the exit to the market today is through programming or technology related jobs,” explained Eng. Anders Bursten, Vice Dean of the university. National Technology, Provincial College of Buenos Aires (UTN.BA).

Similarly, Ramacciotti added that they are betting with this initiative “to create the foundations so that other companies are encouraged to develop similar policies”.

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