Musk wants to build an ‘environmental paradise’ using ‘retro-futuristic’ boats

Musk wants to build an ‘environmental paradise’ using ‘retro-futuristic’ boats

Elon Musk is a disruptive agent, sometimes playing a troublemaker just to bring about change.

With his company, SpaceX, he relaunched efforts to conquer space. This effort reinforced the idea that living on Mars was no longer just a dream but a achievable possibility.

As CEO of Tesla, (TSLA) the market leader in electric vehicles, accomplished something that most observers considered unthinkable: it nearly forced old car manufacturers to speed up their adoption of electric vehicles to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce pollution.

The richest man in the world now wants to go further.

Boardwalk, bike, kayak

Musk aims to reinvent the factory to make it a normal part of modern city life.

He just announced that he wants to build an “environmental paradise” on the campus of the University of Tesla near Austin. This project, designed to connect the factory to the heart of the city, will be open and accessible to the general public.

One wonders if Musk envisioned heaven sitting on an island. He says employees and visitors will use “futuristic-design” boats built by Tesla to come to work or arrive at the project.

The billionaire commented on this topic after an article by Teslarati indicating that Tesla had applied to expand its giant factory near Austin, which officially opened on April 7.

This plant currently produces Y SUV/Crossover models and has a production capacity of 250,000 vehicles per year. And starting next year, the site will also manufacture the highly anticipated Cybertruck.

The automaker wants to add 500,000 square feet (46,450 square meters) to its plant, according to the report from the city of Austin.

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β€œThe plans for an eco-paradise from the southern part of Giga Texas to the river look fantastic,” Musk said.

Then the richest man in the world gave some details about this green space, which will certainly stand out compared to the ultra-modern headquarters of the tech giants in Silicon Valley.

β€œThe area from South Giga to the river will really be next-level awesome and open to the public!” Billionaire’s joint.

He added, “The long-term goal is a driveway with amenities that get into downtown Austin, so you can walk, bike or kayak.”

The project aroused interest and applause among millions of fans of Musk on social networks.

“Will you rent a Tesla kayak?” One Twitter user asked Musk.

The billionaire replied, “Maybe they are small electric Tesla boats of modern Victorian design.”

This latest announcement has especially pleased fans who have already fantasized about going to work on a Tesla boat.

One fan commented, “Every time I think you’ve said the coolest thing, you always say something cool! LOL.”

“Only you can do it!” Added another Twitter user referring to Musk.

But the ad also caused a torrent of jokes.

“Elon, that’s a nice idea!” One user said.

Another user sneered: “With elves to serve drinks.”

“Tesla Model B,” one user joked.

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Tesla identifies some of its vehicles with letters: Model S sedan, Model Y, Model X SUV, and crossovers.

Musk explained, however, that this eco-paradise and its retro-futuristic boats are for the future. Tesla will focus first on making the Austin plant profitable.

“First we have to get the factory financially,” said the billionaire.

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