Modern Warfare 2 ‘Beta and I hate it

Modern Warfare 2 ‘Beta and I hate it

played some of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II beta on PS5 Friday and I came away with very mixed feelings, although my impressions are still forming.

I’ll get more detailed impressions next week after I’ve played on PC – my platform of choice, of course – because I’d like to give the demo a fair shake. I’m all excellent when it comes to consoles and first-person shooter games. I am not a fan. Keyboard and mouse all the way.

However, in both cases you roll it around, and regardless of the input, I have one cross-platform concern to worry about.

In the Modern Warfare II Beta, enemy nameplates simply do not appear. While you will notice that your teammates have blue nameplates above their heads in a match, the red plates that usually distinguish enemy from friend are simply gone. Not sure if this is intentional or a mistake, but I hate it.

In the past, red nameplates atop enemies’ heads made it easier to distinguish who you were supposed to shoot at, especially in dark or crowded places. I’m very used to this system and it gets me into a frantic match when I see someone with no name plate at all. (That’s no big deal in a battle royale when you generally move around in a squad and anyone else you see is a ghost.)

However, what makes it worse is that there are some areas in the game maps that are darker than others or busier and more colorful and enemy players have disappeared into these spots. Dark lanes, high perches, shaded corners, foliage. Without nameplates, this game runs the risk of turning into a full camp fest. Without nameplates, more aggressive gameplay styles have a distinct disadvantage.

The TTK (Time to Kill) demo is also very fast, which increases the likelihood that whoever shoots first will win. If you can’t see the enemy players until it’s too late, disengaging them or shooting them will become much more difficult. All this leads to one thing: frustration. Then more frustration.

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It’s hard to tell who the enemy is in a hectic multiplayer match and nameplates were one way to let you know faster, especially in low visibility. Removing this from the game will have dire consequences for the game’s flow, making it less intuitive, less palatable, and frankly less fun.

Unless, that is, you are a buggy. I guess camping has its time and place, don’t get me wrong, but that makes the strategy too powerful and throws the game off balance. It seems like a completely unnecessary change and at this point I’m just hoping it’s a bug or Infinity Ward will come to its senses and bring it back to how it was in the previous games.

Oh, and while you’re at it, can you please go back to the previous mini-map that shows red dots when enemies fire non-silent weapons? can happen amazing.

I have some ideas for this camper paradise in the video below as well:

Stay tuned to this blog for more beta ideas as I play more this weekend and beyond.

What are your impressions of the game so far? May I know Twitter or Facebook. Find me everywhere I can find it online on my official website.

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