Minute by minute price Monday 26th September

Minute by minute price Monday 26th September

The price of the blue dollar per year

So far this year, the unofficial dollar has advanced $79 (+38%) after closing 2021 at $208.

Over the past year, it has been blue dollar An increase of 25.3% ($42) recorded half of the inflation rate for the period (50.9%). However, it should be noted that in 2020, it showed a sharp jump of 111% (compared to inflation of 36%).

during the month of August, The blue dollar is down $6 (-2%) after ending July at $296. Let us remember that in the seventh month of the year, the Parallel Dollar It’s up $58 (+24.4%), which is its biggest monthly advance of the year so far.

Previously, it had risen $31 (+15%) in June, after rising $6.50 (3.2%) in May. The parallel dollar rose 50 cents in April and lost $11 in March, its worst performance in 14 months. Last February, it fell $6.50 (-3%), after rising $5, or 2.4%, in January.

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