Michaels says Amazon won’t “reinvent the wheel” as it dominates Thursday night football

Michaels says Amazon won’t “reinvent the wheel” as it dominates Thursday night football

One of the most closely watched changes in the NFL this year
It is amazon

Season 1 spawned its own game team from Friday Night Football
priced at about $1
billion dollars a year. But don’t expect Amazon to change everything, says someone who should know, Hall of Fame
Fame 2
The broadcaster hired by the e-commerce and cloud giant to do the game separately.

“I’m not going to reinvent the wheel. Neither of us,” Michaels said during CNBC’s hilarious.
Interview with “Halftime Report” announcer Scott Wapner on the morning of the first regular season game on Amazon Tonight. The game will feature the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers, as well as two of the game’s best quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert.

Yes: 3
Amazon will take advantage of the “X-Ray” technology they use in Prime
Michaels said the movies and series will provide more onscreen information about Mahomes, Herbert, and other players as the game begins. Expect deeper and more “next generation” insights about the game and individual players.

“But the game will look like the game,” Michaels said.

Amazon promised will Innovate with advertising presentation outside the long-time leading team of Michaels and ESPN
College Commentator Kirk Herbstreet. a
The second summary in which YouTube stars Dude appears
my friend
Perfect, who specializes in making step-by-step videos of trick shots of all kinds, will also be shown tonight.

โ€œThe only thing that scares me is that they have a higher rating than we have,โ€ Michaels said.

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Amazon had its own training game in the final week of the pre-season, holding a showtime match between San Francisco and Houston that drew just over a million viewers, according to Nielsen, which Amazon hired to provide advertisers with viewing data.


Nielsen, an ad commercial group representing broadcast television, quickly broke those numbers and announced that 48% of viewers of a pre-season game had already been watched on local broadcast outlets in the two teams’ cities. As part of its effort to maintain a valuable antitrust exemption with Congress, the university has set a domestic viewing exception for broadcasters in local markets.

โ€œThe power of local TV broadcasting and major sports franchises couldn’t be more evident,โ€ TVB President and CEO
Executive Director
Steve Lanzano said. โ€œFootball fans love their local teams and overwhelmingly choose to watch their matches on their countryโ€™s TV stations. Only two local TV stations in San Francisco and Houston attracted 48% of local delivery on Amazon, and thatโ€™s just prep!โ€

Lanzano was not the only advertiser of broadcasting’s continued vitality. Tuesday, Radio Sinclair
COO . group
Rob Weisbord, who oversees the nation’s second-largest broadcasting group, cited TVB’s viewing stats as another example of broadcasting’s continued vitality. Weisbord made the comments as part of Next
The TV conference panel you managed.

Some other parts of the Thursday night soccer experience won’t change either. Amazon has contracted with DirecTV
To continue introducing the Thursday night game crew to more than 200,000 bars, restaurants and other commercial venues, rather than starting from scratch with what has long been one of the great viewing sources for NFL games in general.

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DirecTV, which is set to lose its Sunday Ticket package for out-of-market NFL games next season, may be able to strike a similar transfer deal with its longtime commercial customers, working with whatever service wins that long. Negotiation. Reports indicate that Amazon and Apple


An apple
Or Alphabet’s YouTube TV might get the package, but no timing has been announced for a deal with any of them.

Michaels has started every NFL season with a morning appearance on CNBC for years. As with previous appearances when he was part of CNBC’s Cousin NBC or other outlets, Michaels also provided his investment advice/notes/approval. When asked this morning if he had any advice for viewers amid a tough week in the stock markets, Michaels had two thoughts:

โ€œFirst of all, wear a blindfold,โ€ he said, so you can avoid watching the market plummet as it did earlier in the week after the sad news that inflation continues to rise. “Second, I’ll take all the cash I have and put it in cans and bury it in the backyard.”

CNBC hosts started the conversation with regular contributor Josh
Brown, founder of Ritholtz Wealth
Management, for some tougher suggestions.

Brown’s approach – given that he believes Michaels is both very well paid (around $1 million for the game), and lives in a very high tax state – was to suggest investing in tax-exempt municipal bonds in various ways.

“It’s much better than burying cash in cans in the backyard,” Brown said.

โ€œI hear you, Josh,โ€ the 77-year-old broadcaster replied, โ€œbut you have reached a certain point in life, (the definition of) long-term investingโ€ฆ (it is) next Tuesday.โ€

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