Mexican development group must pay 926 million pesos to SAT

Mexican development group must pay 926 million pesos to SAT

Federal Court of Administrative Judiciary (TFJA(Judgment in favor of the Tax Administration Department)he sat) so you get to pay the taxes of the 926.3 million pesos you owe Mexican Development Group, SAP Since 2017.

During the trial, Judge Manuel Halevis Pelayo explained before the plenary session of the Supreme Chamber of TFJA That the legality of determining the tax credit (deduction) exists and as a result the extensions determined by the inspector are appropriate through the application of Federation financial law.

In this way, since there are no more concepts of challenge, I respectfully suggest to you the judges to recognize the validity of the contested decision and the appealed decision,” said Judge Halevis.

The he sat He won the trial by unanimous vote of 11 judges in Administrative Controversial Trial No. 71/18-ERF-01-7/1364/19-PL0104.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador revealed Wednesday morning that the SAT has identified about 30 large taxpayers with tax debts of about 100,000 million pesos.

At the morning press conference, Lopez Obrador announced that next week he will hold a meeting with the entire team he satby Raquel Buenrostro Sanchez, Because of Tax Debt.

There are about 20 or 30 who haven’t paid, and they have to. They are national and foreign companies; Then the chief said.

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