Light, Liberation, Fire and Freedom

Light, Liberation, Fire and Freedom

The following is based on my hour-long conversation with Yi.

Light helps us see in the dark, but it can also blind us, just as fire can keep us warm – or kill us – if we don’t control it.

Yi embodies the two because his life has been a constant battle to retain control of his own light and fire, too bright for some and too hot for others.


“But now you are in a position to focus the light and the fire where it ought to be, reset things, and return things to a sacred place,” I said.

โ€œThat is the reason why God is here at this time,โ€ Ye said.

โ€œYesterday was the best day in the world our life so far. Today is better. Tomorrow will be even better. I removed the singular because we are one collective consciousness.”

“Humans, because we are attracted to one another, we are attracted to things. Everything on a human being is functional. There is nothing for pure beauty. Everything has a purpose. And we are God’s favorite technology.”

When Yi was three, his late mother Donda West, Ph.D., a Fulbright scholar and chair of the English department at Chicago State University, learned that he had a talent. Many gifts.

From painting portraits of graphite as a student at the Polaris School of Individualized Education in 1995 to his debut on an album titled “Down to Earth” in 1996, Yi has repeatedly demonstrated an impressive ability to transcendโ€”and then transformโ€”artistic mediums.

But despite his unprecedented commercial successes, his efforts were and still are stymied. “No rap, production.” She fought – and won 21 Grammys. “Don’t design; rap.” So Ye fought back – and his fortune from Yeezy Fashion Union is in the billions.

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However, the fighting continues. Ye fight continues.


When you finally get to the store

A little piece of the store


What were we fighting for?

โ€œIt is our responsibility and we are happy to turn these dreams into reality, simplify things, and provide more space for people to imagine, [not] Restricting or imposing ideas. Now, we’re in a situation where the ordained people are interested in this vision. We’re not a bunch of cowboys running around, seeing what we can get from things,” Yi said.

โ€œAnd this is where Adidas and I are…there is a possibility [we] We can make products from parents, but not in a way where I don’t speak by color, and where they treat me like I’m dead.”

And to see the bags in Times Square [Gap
] Shop, at number one, prime real estate located in the world, where any company with stores would want who – which store … This was the first time that Gap companies had been run since 2013. I spoke to the board of directors; They looked at me as if I was silent.โ€

On Thursday, September 15, Yi finalized the gap deal.


โ€œMy children will do whatever they want to do and will be respected by the people they feel like doing it to them. They will never be in the same position as their father, who had to go crazy to demand his respect for our family. This is not about class; it is about dignity.โ€

โ€œGod has ordained me to be so influential. Why do I have this position? Why do we have a tongue, a voice? What do we say? What do we use our voice for? This is how we use our voice: first, for dignity, then literacy finance, and economic empowerment.โ€

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โ€œMy family is separated, and put in the most dangerous place on earth, the south side of Chicago, Illinois. And here we are now. And we will return the opportunity to Chicago in such a way that the world should see it, love it, and accept it. That is the kind of thing that, throughout history, has had repercussions But this time, the champion wins.”


We have a chance

Because we are alive

God is alive

God is the creative director

We are the channel, the ship

to make it to the ground

as in heaven

Enter the future of YZY, which was created and implemented by Ye himself.

As he looks to YZY’s future, Yi has appointed a new Vice Chairman, Shervin Pishevar. Pishevar is a California-based Iranian-American investor and Chairman of Edison, a venture capital firm that supports Uber
and Airbnb, who is the former president of Virgin Hyperloop One.

When we talked about his YZY SHDZ, Ye had his hoodie painted. “That’s being an artist,” said Ye. “The painter will paint on their hands than paint. The chef will have food on their hands. That’s how we work.”

โ€œWhen they are sold in America, they will be made in America, and when they are sold in China, they will be made in China. So the glasses will cost $20, and everything in Ye Supply will be $20. We are working on how to make clothes free. Because life is free .”

“What’s Next?” Ye asked.

He replied, “Monasteries.”

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