La Liga Side Getafe offers fans a unique catering service

La Liga Side Getafe offers fans a unique catering service

Of all the football teams in La Liga, Getafe doesn’t seem the most glamorous in Madrid, let alone Spain. Often roamed by mid-table positions, with a capable but fairly casual roster and home to one of the less frequented stadiums in the league, they don’t share the same fanfare as Real or Atlรฉtico de Madrid.

However, in the stands, his supporters began to use the forward-thinking feature on the club’s original mobile platform. It aims to transform the 24-year-old Coliseum Alfonso Pรฉrez into a seamless hospitality experience, even if the activity on the field is sometimes lacking.

This season, attendees can order food and refreshments from their (relative) comfortable seats and have it delivered directly to them, if they so choose. The idea is to ensure that no one misses an action while minimizing halftime queues for snacks and refreshments which – although far short of their 17,000 floor capacity – can still happen due to fewer stadium booths than many of the elite clubs.

There is a financial incentive, too. Since its introduction, there has been an 80% increase in the app’s users and an expected increase in revenue, Getafe says. For a club that does not have the same economic standing as many clubs in La Liga, this is a welcome boost. Ordering food digitally is nothing new, but porting it to elite European facilities is something else, especially for an entity whose modest home is located next to a highway on the outskirts of the Spanish capital.

By allowing fans to order from their seating areas, it offers a service – usually only available to people in the more expensive hospitality areas of stadiums – to regular match-goers as well. Transactions are flexible, and can be accomplished with either a standard card or Bizum, facilitating mobile payments in Spain.

If the concept proves successful, it could be an attractive model for other teams to follow, as long as it’s clear enough to work with all fans, young and old. How it will operate in larger and crowded stadiums is still in doubt. But for Getafe, whose financial and commercial strength does not compare with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico, it is a win.

Los Azulones, after their away win over Osasuna, spent just under โ‚ฌ16m in the transfer market to improve their 15th consecutive place in Serie A. Two of the three summer recruits for coach Quique Sรกnchez Flores – centre-back Domingos Duarte and midfielder Luis Milla – came from the raid on Granada, which was relegated to the second division in the off-season.

Her spending on transfers has been pretty ordinary for her stature, but nothing comes close to the numbers invested by top teams, nor the sheer sums that Premier League teams currently boast. For perspective, some multiple signings with Nottingham Forest have cost more individually – an indication of where the fortune lies in European football.

Sanchez Flores appears to be the man to steer Getafe forward after they rescued them from a free fall last season, taking charge from Michel in the dugout and maintaining their place in La Liga. Against Osasuna, Milla received a late red card while those at the back spoke. With Duarte staying assertive, teammates Juan Iglesias and Gaston Alvarez were the surprise scorers in a match that also saw Osasuna’s Shimi Avila sent off in the first half.

In general, Getafe is a more consistent ship in this term. However, a tougher test will arrive early next month, when they take on the intractable Real Madrid at home, most recently scheduled for October 8 – a game that requires a superhuman effort from players to complement the quick delivery of those on the field.

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