Kentucky is 80 years old and expanding

Kentucky is 80 years old and expanding

In the past 10 years, the brand has started experiencing strong growth and expanding its presence in the different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, then in locations in Greater Buenos Aires, ending in 2021 with its first overseas store and planning to reach 120 branches among owned stores and franchisees after three years. With an expected investment of $5 million.

Among the places of interest are Tucuman a second location and also Mar del Plata in the short term, while with a broader skyline Neuquรฉn, Cรณrdoba, Catamarca, in the interior of the country, and expanding borders, in Uruguay after the success of the first three branches in the neighboring country, they hope to open more in Next years.

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In the midst of the economic crisis, it is surprising to see bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and other leisure and entertainment activities filled with customers. Kentuky is no exception, although its growth exceeds the situation for the brand.

Paul BianchiThe company’s spokesperson, talks about this consumption boom and explains it to รmbito in this way: “It is nothing more and nothing less than the current crisis, the lack of ability to save and the lack of freedom to buy dollars. The little peso that people use for small pleasures, and among those small pleasures go To dinner, to the theater, to the cinema, and part of that comes from Kentucky, which in terms of gastronomy is much cheaper to eat pizza than to eat it in some other kind of restaurant. There we have a part of our growth. People love pizza and it can be shared.”

“Likewise, the growth of Kentucky has nothing to do with this boom, but with quality, price and an attractive business model, which is why we are growing towards other provinces and Uruguay,” he adds.

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In its 80-year history, Kentucky has gone from a traditional pizzeria to adding options to its menu. Empanadas, vegan pizza and stromboles, a selection of desserts, breakfast and snack options with toast and coffee are added to the menu of classic pizzas such as mozzarella and faina.

โ€œWe are proud to be able to celebrate 80 years of continuous growth in the country, despite the difficulties and difficulties, especially for the gastronomic sector in recent years. I am also happy to bet on a national strategy with this new location in Tucumรกn; As the beginning of a new phase for the brand, because we want our proposal to expand throughout the country and region so that everyone can enjoy classic pizza infused with the Argentine seal.โ€ Francisco BazanKentucky franchise manager.

The โ€œrebelโ€ rebranding of the brand is also part of the expansion strategy and the attraction of new customers, especially in the youth segment.

โ€œWith this new concept, we are committed to expanding our audience and reaching young people who are looking for spaces where they can feel comfortable and find the food they love in a relaxing environment without compromising the quality of the products we provide in Kentucky,โ€ says Francisco Bazin. Flour for our kitchen that takes care of every detail of production so that every day there are fresh products that have just been made.โ€

Kentucky history


One afternoon in 1942, three friends’ dream came true when they won a Kentucky Prize on the slopes of Palermo. In doing so they created, in the symbolic corner of Godoy Cruz and Santa Fe, the first pizzeria in Kentucky.

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In the history of Kentucky, there have been many owners, but the beginning of the chain with strategic locations and strong expansion began in 2012, first in CABA and later with the incorporation of new franchises in Greater Buenos Aires.

Sustained growth for many years, backed by the quality of its products, its strategically located stores, as well as the price-quality ratio that KFC has been able to maintain throughout its history, and the strong brand positioning that allows it today to set itself as the benchmark in the national gastronomic world, to have Awareness inside and outside the city of Buenos Aires and a very encouraging prospect with a federal presence throughout the country and region.

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