John Krasinski teases ‘Fantastic Four’ Reed Richards cast after news of ‘Deadpool 3’

John Krasinski teases ‘Fantastic Four’ Reed Richards cast after news of ‘Deadpool 3’

Lots of Marvel Cinematic Universe news and teasers this afternoon.

First, Ryan Reynolds revealed not only the release date Deadpool 3, But Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine.

then, Desk star and Multiverse of madness Alum John Krasinski entered the fray:

This, of course, could be taken as a teaser for Krasinski’s return to the MCU as The Fantastic Four The lead, Reed Richards, one of the fans whose casting picks have been demanding long before he takes on the role. multiverse (Where he plays Richards in an alternate universe.) Sure enough, many ardent fans on Twitter turned on the tweet, hoping to learn that the actor has been cast in the role.

Then again, it might just be a joke, since the actor and director are working with Reynolds on the upcoming fantasy comedy. if:

I haven’t really heard of this movie yet, but it looks really cool and I’m a huge fan of Krasinski’s directorial debut, A quiet place.

Oh man, what a staff! I love Phoebe Waller-Bridge!

Of course, it can be so Both. Krasinski may or may not want to play Red Richards. There may be a bunch of discussions and negotiations going on behind the scenes. Honestly, I’m not sure why Marvel would inject anyone else into the role at this point given how bad a fandom they want to be in the role. Everyone else will always be seen as not Krasinski’s choice – and that’s no fun at all.

Who can say? Paul Tassi mentioned not long ago that casting selection for multiverse It was mainly just because it was an alternate universe, but he also indicated that any other selection would confuse and annoy fans at this point. especially Now that he’s already wearing the costume in the MCU. Most of the other “alternate universe” characters in the MCU are still played by the same actors, including Doctor Strange. It wasn’t like Danny DeVito playing Strange in Universe #7854 or whatever.

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we will see.

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