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Incase I just dropped a perfect lanyard for my new AirPods Pro

Incase I just dropped a perfect lanyard for my new AirPods Pro

The second generation of Apple’s AirPods Pro is ready to order and will begin hitting customers on September 23. It features better sound, two times better noise cancellation, and a serious upgrade to truly best-in-class transparency mode.

apple (AAPL) It also made some improvements to the case, which could make it impossible to lose. The latest AirPods Pro include full FindMy support, a built-in speaker, and most importantly, a lanyard slot.

And Incase has just dropped a purpose-built lanyard for the new AirPods Pro. Yes, it also looks very similar to the one that Apple showed on stage during the “Far Out” keynote on September 7.

It’s already available to order at just $12.95, with shipments beginning September 23rd.

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In its most obvious form, the Incase rope is just a rope. Simply slip it through the slot on the second-generation AirPods Pro case, and you’re done installing. Incase, in fact, Incase gives you two options: a specially designed wire tray, or to wrap braided rope through it. It’s your choice.

Additionally, the rope comes in one color and one length. Once connected, you can easily strap your AirPods Pro around your hand, wrist, purse, bag or backpack. It’s the perfect accessory, and with FindMy new capabilities inside the box, we hope you’ll never lose it.

Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro are available to order now at $249.95 and shipping begins September 23. The Incase rope is $12.95 and is ready to order now with same-day shipments starting.

Prices are accurate and items are in stock at time of posting.

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