IAG lands again very close to its lows for the year

IAG lands again very close to its lows for the year
IAG lands again very close to its lows for the year

IAG (Iberian) shows its bitter side again. The one that comes out in its lowest hours of annual quotation. And it is getting closer to the worst levels of exercise. Specifically, it is just 1% away from being placed in that situation.

The latest negative news coming from the movements of Air Europa have been reflected in the mood of investors, in such a way that the value closed last Friday at the lowest levels of the day and with an accumulated weekly drop that is close to 5% of its market price.

Everything comes as a result of the search for a champion who will serve the company of the Hidalgo family as a revulsive to prevent the entry of Iberia. We are talking about those 400 million in the form of loans that El Economista advanced last Friday, with the support of two American funds, Cerberus and Ares. Both could be interested in lending part of the money that would later become a stake in the airline, although as the newspaper indicated, Air Europa denied this information.

In its stock chart we see that the value continues, as we say, heavily penalized. In addition to the weekly cuts, we find falls in the four preceding weeks of 5.35% while the value returns to dangerous levels, the lowest in the year. Thus, so far this year it has yielded almost 29%, which places it as the fifth worst value of the selective in this 2022.

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IAG annual stock price IAG annual stock price
IAG annual stock price

As for the recommendations, the latest from Stifel, which sees the rest of the airlines heavily penalized, places selling at the value with a target price of one euro, with a downward penalty on the cost of the current share of 17%. Although not all analysts see it that way. From Renta 4 they overweight the value with PO of 1.90 eurosthe 1,673 euros awarded by Liberumwhich lowers it on its previous 2 euros or the 2,075 euros of PO that the American marks Bernstein with advice to overweight valuesince it considers that the large companies in the sector are more supported in the face of the vulnerability of the small ones.

As for short positions, This is the picture on the London Stock Exchange, with little change since last week, and with a bearish level on the value that as a whole reaches 3.85%.

IAG short positions on the London Stock ExchangeIAG short positions on the London Stock Exchange
IAG short positions on the London Stock Exchange

As they show us the technical indicators prepared by Investment Strategies, IAG places its total score among the lowest in the selective. We are talking about just half a point of the 10 possible to which the market value can aspire. This brings with it, for example, that only the volatility or the amplitude range shows a decrease in the medium term, as a positive note about IAG.

The rest, bearish trend in its two aspects, both in the medium and long term. The total moment, both slow and fast, is negative for the value, the volume of business is decreasing in the medium and long term, to which is added the growing volatility that IAG shows in the long term.

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“The recent upward rebound leaves us with a new lower maximum in the medium-term structure, more bad news in a context that, fundamentally, is strongly weakened. In this sense, the pressure on the viability of the support projected from โ‚ฌ1.212 / โ‚ฌ1.15 per share increases, its perforation being the scenario to prioritize and that would enable an update of the next bearish targets until lminimums for the year 2020 projected from โ‚ฌ0.977 per share”, as indicated the financial markets analyst, Josรฉ Antonio Gonzรกlez

IAG on weekly (Left) and daily (Right) chart with Average Amplitude Range in percent, MACD oscillator and trading volume

IAG stock technical analysis IAG stock technical analysis
IAG stock technical analysis

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