How are new companies prioritizing the welfare of their employees?

How are new companies prioritizing the welfare of their employees?

Google, Facebook, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company are some of the health organizations implementing this model according to CNBC as the best companies in terms of employee care. What results do these organizations show? Healthy employees and teams, high levels of psychological well-being, and healthy organizations, which is defined as high organizational performance and evidence of corporate social responsibility.

To achieve this, these organizations make systematic, planned and proactive efforts to improve processes and results, both for the employees and for the organization as a whole. Understanding the integrated well-being of collaborators is essential to be able to provide care in all areas that they do on a daily basis: emotional management, human resources, and support. example.

Holistic well-being goes beyond emotional management, it is above all else, the ability to present to the collaborator at the end of the day the conviction that he has been listened to, appreciated, and helped so that his task succeeds and without obstacles, it will be. Of little use to share the breathing exercise, because it was a busy day, otherwise personal requests like salary inquiry, for example can be resolved. Attentive to the needs of collaborators, two years ago we designed and developed DALA, our comprehensive wellbeing assistant, which we constantly keep updated, with news every two months.

This tool is an empathic conversational bot that allows self-management to resolve needs, from the most urgent to the most complex, which initially supported emotional management and has now added IT and ADP support, personnel management, as an area that manages issues related to the collaborator.

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But this development is not isolated, he has a team that makes it possible to develop DALA as a 360-degree assistant. The main goal is to seamlessly cover the entire employee journey, and with them as the center of the process, that’s why we have integrated DALA into WAY, our digital employee experience platform built with smart conversational and self-management features, where every collaborator finds all their personal information and operational functions in one place, This makes it highly customizable, and it can provide autonomy and ease in its day-to-day management. Through this sync, we’ve achieved DALA’s collaborative, collaborative work with WAY, to transform the platform into a conversational experience, where the collaborator is at the center.

One of the characteristics of these virtual assistants is that they are able to provide a unanimous experience for all team members, no matter where they are physically located, there is no longer a need to share an office to achieve convergence, which is exactly this aspect that makes it the ideal tool for remote work. It has proven effective in a pandemic period with the home office, as it has been an essential tool for achieving containment, unity and belonging.

As he explained in his Globant study, remote work is here to stay revealing that 46% of managers found it extremely difficult to provide emotional support to their teams. With these helpers, containment, emotional assistance, support, and solutions can be provided in HR with just one click. This is one of the most important points for the success of these tools: respect for cultural differences, language, and idiosyncrasies.

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If we want to achieve closeness, unity and belonging, we have to speak the same language as the team. With DALA we are located in the six countries we operate in and have generated more than 140,000 clicks in the last two months.

Healthy organizations realize that the collaborator is the center of their operations and that is why to achieve well-being within the organization, strategies must be based on the need of the collaborator, if we want that at the end of the day a person can provide value and meaning for what he does.

Director of Development and Wellness and Javier Arutcarina, Director of Applications, Apex America

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