HaptX raises $23 million in funding, Be the NFL QB

HaptX raises  million in funding, Be the NFL QB

This week marks the beginning of the long-awaited merger between Etherium and the Beacon blockchain. ETH, the foundation of many gaming economies, is moving to a “Proof of Bet” versus “Proof of Work” validation method, which will now be more energy efficient and significantly lower transaction fees. This could mean the beginning of the end of the “crypto winter,” or further evidence that the skeptics were right.

HaptX today announced $23 million in strategic funding Led by AIS Global and Crescent Cove Advisors, with participation from Verizon Ventures, Mason Avenue Investments and Taylor Frigon Capital Partners. This investment brings HaptX’s total funding to more than $58 million. Centerview Partners has acted as a financial advisor to HaptX. The new cash will enable the company to expand the marketing of its touch gloves in the enterprise, where they are used for telepresence robots, often combined with VR.

Cognitive3D raises $2.5 million for spatial analytics The Vancouver-based company collects and measures users’ behavior in immersive 3D environments. The round was led by Konvoy, a Denver-based VC firm that recently launched a new $150 million fund, with participation from Space Capital and

The Roblox Developer Conference is showing off the development of the Metaverse. Roblox has come a long way from kids begging parents for Robux and has turned into a real platform for adults. Soon, Boxy avatars will give way to more expressive forms that mimic our expressions and movements. The company will make announcements next year. Additionally, the company plans to invest heavily in its developer community, adding another $10 million to its existing gaming fund, which is now a $35 million fund that provides developers with the resources they need to build the next generation of experiences on Roblox.

The Meta Hyped VR headset may have been leaked by someone in a hotel. In what looks like a publicity stunt, hotel operator Ramiro Cardenas claims to have found the Meta Cambria before the boxed version (it will be sold as Quest Pro). He supposedly returned it to its owner, but not before taking a video of opening the case and uploading it to Facebook.

StatusPro releases the first officially licensed NFL VR game And if it really looks like the above trailer, it will be the best soccer game yet, and just in time for the start of a new season. StatusPRO was established with an initial $5.2 tour that included LeBron James, Drake and Naomi Osaka. 2019 NFL MVP, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson on the cover. The game features players from current rosters and all 32 NFL teams and locker rooms. The new NFL title is $29.99 at Quest and PSVR stores.

Hands-on with PSVR2 The founder of Road To VR and EIC visited Sony in San Mateo, where he spent several hours on the new device. “I have no doubt that PSVR 2 – combined with the power of the PS5 – is a real step forward for PlayStation virtual reality, while providing some lessons for the rest of the VR headset market.” The new PSVR2 headset is slated to be released sometime in 2023. Pricing has yet to be revealed.

Disney and Niantic announced Marvel world of heroes At the Disney Fair D23. The game is designed to be a social game experience in PvP and cooperative social action. Players will be able to create their own superhero identity and origin story, complete Super Hero missions, and thwart multidimensional threats. As players level up, they will unlock equipment and abilities. The game is scheduled to be released next year.

Disney+’s short “Remembering” features AR EFX. Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) stars in the short film which has an important sequence in which the user must scale up with a smartphone (iOS only) to feel the full effect of a waterfall flowing from the TV in the living room.

So Real To Open Massive VRcade in Shanghai Disney Dubbed “VR SuperSpace”, the venue will feature two floors of immersive games and entertainment based on the popular Chinese stories “Journey to the West” and “The Monkey King.” Experiences include a weightless simulation and a VR motorcycle experience.

AWE Asia wrapped up two weeks ago. Two thousand people attended the Shanghai event, and another seven thousand participated remotely. Opening words were given by AWE Co-Founder Uri Inbar and Alvin Grayling, President of HTC China. Next AWE Europe, in Lisbon, October 21-22.

dead difference with March at the 2022 Washington Film Festival (MOWFF) taking place from September 28 to October 1 in Washington, D.C., to launch work for the first time from the first cohort in the inaugural Virtual Reality Stock Lab and Fellowship. Participants will launch, for the first time, new and immersive virtual reality projects that advance civil rights goals. Both MOWFF and Meta have provided tutelage to virtual reality to storytellers who have historically been underrepresented in emerging media.

This week in XR It is also a podcast hosted by this column’s author and Ted Shilowitz, Head of Future Technologies at Paramount Global. Our guest this week is Tipatat Chernavasian, general partner of the VR fund, whose investments include Rec Room (a rhinoceros worth over $1 billion), and 8th Wall (sold to Niantic last year). We can be found here spotifyAnd the ItunesAnd the Youtube.

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