Green Bay Packers wide Amary Rodgers is still hoping to prove he’s not a bust all the time

Green Bay Packers wide Amary Rodgers is still hoping to prove he’s not a bust all the time

Seventeen months after the Green Bay Packers used the third-round pick on the Amari Rodgers, it’s probably too early to write off the wide/returning guy.

But it is getting close.

The Packers traded in the third and fourth round – selections 92 and 135 – to jump to #85 and take Rodgers.

After 17 appearances in the Green Bay outfit, Rodgers had four receptions and was below average for a kick and a return kick.

When asked about Rodgers earlier this week, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers said a lot by saying almost nothing.

“Yeah, it’s back to us now,” Aaron Rodgers said. “That’s all I got.”

Amary Rodgers had a horrific rookie season in which he played only 103 shots (9.2%). Rodgers only received four passes and looked slow and sluggish during his limited chances.

Rodgers also averaged just 18.1 yards per kick-back and 8.3 yards per kick-back.

Rodgers lost eight pounds this season and reduced his body fat by 4% leading to optimism that he could give the Green Bay recipient subgroup a boost. Instead, Rodgers played no surprise in the Packers’ Week 1 loss in Minnesota.

Matt Lafleur, Green Bay’s head coach, did not give Amary Rodgers a strong endorsement when asked.

“I think it’s going to be game after match,” LaFleur said of Rodgers’ playing time. โ€œAnd when he gets those chances, he will have to maximize them in order to get more. Unfortunately, he didn’t get any games in this last game, but it will definitely be from week to week.โ€

Amary Rodgers said this week that he had recently deleted his Twitter account. Maybe that was clever.

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But he still knows he needs to earn the midfielder’s respect and trust – something that clearly hasn’t happened yet.

โ€œThat’s just the truth. I didn’t earn his trust,โ€ Amary Rodgers said of Aaron Rodgers. “The only way I can do that is to be consistent day in and day out, and be consistent in the offense. But it’s my turn – I’m the comeback guy now. I’m just focused on trying to make a spark. And I feel as soon as I ignite the second leg – or I keep doing it, as I did in pre-season – then I will have more opportunities.

“That’s what I’m doing right now, being consistent in the second leg, and hopefully that creates more chances for me in attack. Practically speaking, being consistent with the little details and playing with 12 so he can see I’m making those moves in the right direction. “.

Rodgers still has time to change his Green Bay career. If it doesn’t, it will be among the worst choices for general manager Brian Gutkunst for five years.

Below are the largest draft busts of the Gutekunst era.


Moore was the fourth pick in 2018, being Gutekunst’s first three receivers in that draft. Moore only had two passes for 15 yards as a rookie, then was waived in August, 2019.

Over the next two years, Moore was a member of the three-team coaching team and relinquished them all. He is currently a member of the New Jersey Generals of the USFL.

2. Josh Jackson, CB

Jackson was the second pick in 2018 and the Packers were hoping they could pair him with Alexander for years to come. Jackson started 10 games as a rookie and had huge potential, but was relentlessly picked in limited shots in the next two seasons.

Jackson was traded to the New York Giants for Isaac Yadom on August 17, 2021. He never played for the Giants and was waived two months later.

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Kansas City and Arizona have both signed and waived Jackson since January. Today, he is a member of the Pittsburgh coaching staff.


Sternberger was a third-round favorite in 2019 who had only 12 assists in two seasons. He was on the injured list in 2019, and the reserve/COVID-19 list in 2020, and was suspended after violating the NFL’s drug policy in 2021 before being relinquished.

He has not appeared in an NFL game since and is currently out of football.


The Packers traded fourth- and fifth-round picks in the 2018 draft for Carolina’s third manager and acquired the Burks. Only 11 linebackers were taken before Burks.

The Green Bay Burks gave every opportunity to win a career as a full-back, but he never took advantage of the opportunity. Then he signed a free agent deal with San Francisco in March.

5. Amary Rodgers, WR/KR

If Rodgers can’t turn things around, he’ll climb up this list. Rodgers knows his career is at a crossroads early on, but he’s still confident he can turn things around.

โ€œI know what I need to work on,โ€ he said. โ€œBeing my biggest critic, I know what I need to work on the most. So, I just know my flaws now and keep working on them, facing our defense every day in the scouting team.

“We have one of the best defenses in the league, and if you play against them he (Aaron Rodgers) might see, well, he might be ready.” This may open up more opportunities as well. So, just finding any way I can show them that I’m taking steps in the right direction, that’s really what I’m focused on right now.”

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