Google’s latest Chromecast is only  and HD only

Google’s latest Chromecast is only $30 and HD only

Google’s first Chromecast was dropped in 2013 as a $35 TV dongle that lets you cast content from your phone. It was a novelty in broadcast boxes and could be out of sight and out of mind. She didn’t even have a remote control. Then in 2022, the Chromecast was introduced with Google TV as a $49.99 streaming dongle, complete with a remote and interface.

Now in 2022, before Google’s October 6th event, we have a Chromecast with Google TV (HD). And that bracketed part is really the whole story. Much like the ever-growing Amazon Fire TV Stick lineup, Google now makes a version that only supports up to 1080p HD. It’s also cheaper at just $29.99.

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Chromecast with Google TV (HD): What you need to know

Just like the 4K version, the HD version of Chromecast with Google TV is a simple flat piece of hardware with an HDMI cable port. It is attached to a flexible piece of plastic and attaches directly to the back of the TV. The other end of the Chromecast is the USB-C port, which you’ll connect to power. A USB-C cable and wall plug are included in the box as well. It’s the same Chromecast with Google TV (4K), but this HD one only comes in the “Snow” color.

You also get the ergonomically designed remote control that is integrated with the TV controls. This way it can be the only remote control to rule them all in your home entertainment setup. You’ll use this to navigate the Google TV interface and by pressing the microphone button, you can ask Google Assistant to pull up the content.

In terms of resolution, this Chromecast is probably best for an HDTV or for people who haven’t upgraded to a 4K TV yet. And it’s a way to add some smarts without buying a brand new TV. Google notes that it plays content in up to 1080p HDR and the on-board processor will work to ensure a smooth viewing experience. We are keen to put this to the test and will do so soon.

As for the Google TV interface, it’s pretty impressive and offers easy access to a host of streaming services. Major players like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and Peacock are here. Though, remember that you will need individual subscriptions for these.

You can also explore all the apps that support TV within the Play Store. And just as you need an Amazon account to get the most out of your Fire TV Stick, you’ll need a Google account to get the most out of your Chromecast. Google promises that performance will be fast in the high-resolution version.

Let’s summarize Chromecast using Google TV (HD)

While it’s not the most exciting product introduction ever, Chromecast with Google TV (HD) is a logical extension of the existing Chromecast line. It’s sure to appeal to people who want to spend less, at just $29.99 versus $49.99, it’s an easy way to add some smarts to any TV.

We’ll start hands-on soon, but if you sell your Chromecast with Google TV (HD), it’s now available for $29.99. And if you’re looking for a higher resolution, Chromecast with Google TV (4K) is $49.99.

Prices are accurate and items are in stock at time of posting.

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