Good plan: Ledger launches a safe pack at -20% on the occasion of The Merge of Ethereum

Good plan: Ledger launches a safe pack at -20% on the occasion of The Merge of Ethereum

That’s it, it’s done, The Merge, the Ethereum update that took place last night, went well and the network co-founded by Vitalik Buterin is now operating under a proof-of-stake consensus (Proof of Stake).

On this occasion, ledger launch it Ledger Merge Pack which includes on the one hand a Ledger Nano X and on the other a plate Billfodl. This pack allows you to save 20% (CA$261.60 instead of $327) and above all to adopt a good strategy in terms of securing your crypto-assets, in this case ethers.

The Ledger Merge Pack

Among other things, the Billfodl company manufactures metal plates designed to survive almost all extreme conditions and which make it possible to store seed sentencesthe recovery phrases associated with crypto wallets.

“Our package offers industry-leading security for your cryptos with the Ledger Nano X, and unbeatable protection for your recovery phrase with the Billfodl,” says Ledger.

This offer is limited in time, it will be valid for one week, while stocks last.

The Ledger Merge Pack

The procedure for securing your ETH is simple and can be summarized in three steps:

  1. Connect his wallet (wallet) so that Ledger can verify that the user has an Ethereum address.
  2. Add the pack to your basket once the ETH address has been verified.
  3. Complete your order (check-out).

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